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Inaugurate Peace.

I inaugurate peace
I call upon peace--rise
from my soul

gather it up
store it up
stand upon it
send it forth

generations before
called upon peace
gathered it up
stored it up
stood for it
sent it forth

let the winds of ignorance,
greed, and hatred howl
we call upon peace to rise

generations before
brought forth light
from their bones
radiance of marrow
what is most alive
will always rise

we inaugurate peace

MEDITATION CAN BE like climbing a mountain. First, there is the step-by-step effort of consciously watching the breath. Then, after reaching the summit of peace and clarity, just sitting and enjoying the view. Before we depart from that inner summit, we take time to gather up peace. We invite the soul's peace to pervade our body, mind, emotions, and every situation in our life. We become fully aware of inner peace. We identify it. We notice what it feels like in our body, how it affects us mentally and emotionally. It's like taking in the entire vista--mindfully cultivating the felt sense of being there. When we are ready to conclude our meditation, we decide to take the peace with us that we have gathered up. It is a spiritual resource. We now consciously carry with us an antidote for stress. And, we have enough to share.

Adapted from The Moon Reminded Me, by Ellen Grace O'Brian, just published by Homebound Publications. O'Brian is the founder of the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment, a Kriya Yoga meditation center in California.

Ellen Grace O'Brian

Caption: Namaste Claudia Tremblay

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Author:O'Brian, Ellen Grace
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Date:May 1, 2017
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