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 TORONTO, Oct. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- InContext Corporation (Vancouver: INI) today announced that it has been awarded a contract for a Computer-aided Acquisition and Logistics Support (CALS) compatible publishing system by the Directorate of Publishing and Graphics Services (DPGS) of the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND).
 The system is DND's first CALS contract award.
 The Computer-aided Acquisition and Logistics Support Program is a joint government/industry program originated by the U.S. Department of Defense and increasingly supported worldwide to create an integrated digital network that will transform the way systems are designed, built, deployed and maintained. The program mandates that all contractor information must be delivered in compliance with its standards. Over 60,000 North American contractors and all branches of the military services must comply with the program.
 The InContext system will serve as the commencement of an upgrade to a new DND publishing architecture which will be compatible with the same technical standards as the U.S. Department of Defense CALS program. It will prepare DPGS to receive CALS-compliant data from internal sources and external contractors. DPGS is involved with all aspects of DND publishing activities.
 The system will provide a native SGML Central Publishing Capability for DPGS's general electronic processing and publishing functions for bilingual technical documents. The initial contract, valued at $283,000, includes purchases of both of InContext's major products, the InContext(TM) Structured Document Processor for use on the Windows PC platform, and the InContext/InfoDesign WorkSMART(TM) Workflow Management System for use on both Windows PC and UNIX workstation platforms. There is a provision for DND to extend the contract to make further purchases of InContext software.
 InContext President, Robert Arn, welcomed the contract awards: "I can think of no greater compliment to the strength of InContext's products than to be chosen as the foundation of DND's CALS publishing architecture, both to process documents with InContext Structured Document Processor and to manage the overall process with WorkSMART. The market implications to InContext are extensive, going beyond the extension of these systems into the wider DND market to the provision of compatible systems to DND's industrial suppliers."
 The InContext Structured Document Processor is designed to bring the benefits of ISO SGML structured document processing to a wide range of users without the difficulty and expense of mastering complex SGML publishing systems. It can be used as a stand-alone processor or as a component of a complete publishing system where it provides an efficient method of authoring, manipulating and editing information. Its interactions are designed to be consistent with existing Windows word processing programs and other common business software so as to allow access to its advanced features in a completely user friendly manner.
 The WorkSMART Workflow Management System is designed to manage the flow of millions of pages of information in hundreds of sites using thousands of workstations. It uses ISO SGML and HyTime open standards for information exchange, to model not only document data but also inter- document linkages and enterprise information flows. It is the only workflow and document management system currently available which is totally based on open non-proprietary information standards. As such it can guarantee to users that their information assets will not become frozen in outmoded proprietary data formats.
 InContext Corporation, a leader in the third wave of the computer industry, information standardization, provides information processing software which allows the universal exchange of information independent of any differences in computer hardware or software. Its product line is based on networked PC's running Windows 3.1. It offers powerful information creation and management capabilities with totally user- transparent maintenance of structured document standards such as ISO SGML and easy interfaces to common PC desktop applications such as word processors and CAD/CAM as well as UNIX publishing systems.
 -0- 10/6/93
 /CONTACT: Ian Hembery of InContext Corporation, 416-922-0087, or Bill Roberts of Cameron Towey Central, 513-469-0202/

CO: InContext Corporation; Canadian Department of National Defence ST: Ontario IN: SU: CON

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Date:Oct 6, 1993

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