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In-Depth medical reports on the retroviruses conference.

The Clinical Care Options HIV site,, now has six training modules (as of April 26) for HIV physicians (but open to anyone, after free registration on the site) on new information presented at the Retroviruses conference, February 22-25, 2005, in Boston. Each module consists of a collection of discussions on different subtopics, between three leading experts. To assist the discussions, "capsule summaries" present details in an outline format, so that the experts can locus on what's most important for readers to know', without having to recite the details since those are already available.

Each of the six modules provides two hours of CME (continuing medical education) credit for physicians. Non-physicians may find the presentations difficult, because of the background knowledge they assume. But patients may find useful and understandable information about issues that matter to them.

The six modules are:

* Management of Treatment-Naive Patients

* Resistance and Management of Experienced Patients

* Investigational Antiretroviral Agents

* Pharmacology and Adverse Drug Effects

* Hepatitis Coinfection and Opportunistic Infections

* Metabolic Complications and Lipodystrophy
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Date:Mar 25, 2005
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