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In this final issue of Mortgage Banking, we pay tribute to the magazine's long history, fascinating subjects and creative staff. We also let our contributors and readers add their 2 cents' worth.

Mortgage Banking is curated by an editorial staff of the highest integrity, insight and talent. Their efforts have created one of mortgage banking's most reliable forums for trending news coverage, true thought leadership and pragmatic operational guidance. First American shares Mortgage Banking's core values of trust and integrity, and we have always prioritized opportunities to support its mission and contribute to its trusted marketplace of ideas. In short, ours has been a better industry because of Mortgage Banking magazine. We look forward to what the future holds, knowing the bar is set high.

Kevin Wall

First American Mortgage Solutions

My favorite part [of Mortgage Banking magazine] was the overall role it played when I first got into the business. I was completely clueless about how the whole industry worked, so I decided I'd I read each issue of Mortgage Banking--every article, cover to cover--for one year. And it worked. After reading it religiously for a full year, I could at least not embarrass myself when talking to other people in the industry. I had actually learned a huge amount about mortgage banking.

Joe Garrett

Garrett, McAuley & Co.

I'm going to miss one of the few industry publications that I could count on for a serious discussion among leaders of our business. As we move toward a Buzzfeed-type digital list and tabloid-style industry media, Mortgage Banking will be sorely missed and fondly remembered.

Daniel Jacobs

MiMutual Mortgage

Goodbye to an old friend. For as long as I have been in the mortgage business, Mortgage Banking has been the standard-bearer for in-depth reporting on the people, issues and trends in our ever-changing industry. This high level of quality reflects directly on the superb job editor Janet Hewitt brought to every issue of the magazine. While it is hard to say goodbye, we tip our hat to a dear colleague who raised the level of dialogue in our industry. Thank you!

Susan Graham


I've read Mortgage Banking (MB) since 1989. MB always featured thought leaders writing about the important issues facing the industry at that time. Well researched and in-depth material was the norm. I often shared MB with my employees as a way to quickly get the pulse of the industry. I'll miss the monthly issues.

Jim Deitch, CMB

Teraverde Management Advisors

I have been reading Mortgage Banking magazine since I started in the industry in 1973, and have hundreds of issues saved and prominently displayed in my office. The quality and content is an invaluable resource and provides a historical perspective. Mortgage Banking ranks right up there with National Geographic magazine. When asked why I save those old Mortgage Banking magazines, I quote George Santayana's well-known aphormism: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Like a wise old friend, these magazines help me remember the past as I advise clients about the future.

David Lykken

DNLC Enterprises LLC, dba Transformational Mortgage Solutions

I cherish reading and writing for Mortgage Banking, going all the way back to 1989 when Phil Bracken and I wrote an article outlining all the reasons why wholesale mortgage banking was the wave of the future. It was the first of many articles. I page through the entire issue each month and generally send an email or two to someone congratulating them on one thing or another. I like all the data in the back, I read the features, read about Dave [Stevens] and what he's thinking about, read Lew [Sichelman's] column, about the authors [Authors Upclose] and, of course, Janet's Focus.... It is the best mortgage publication of the many I receive, and will be sorely missed along with its editor, Janet Reilley Hewitt, who I've had the pleasure of reading and writing dozens of articles for over the decades. An effort to save Mortgage Banking should be launched because it's a vital source of information that is being lost to the industry. Everyone I tell that the magazine is shutting down is surprised.... In fact, I had this very conversation earlier this week with Steve James at Fannie Mae....

Tom LaMalfa

TSL Consulting


When my first article appeared in the September 1986 issue of Mortgage Banking, it produced a euphoria only surpassed by seeing my screenplay credit on a movie screen a few years later. It was an honor to appear in the magazine and I will miss the swell of pride I always felt when it happened. I will miss the heart and soul of the magazine even more-- Janet Hewitt. While a great admirer of her accomplishments at the magazine, I am an unabashed fan of Janet the person. Knowing and working with Janet is a treasured highlight of my career.

Jim Hennessy

Strategic Vantage

Since I have been in the mortgage industry, I have found Mortgage Banking magazine has helped me understand how issues, trends and regulations affect how we do business and how they affect IndiSoft. The monthly columns from industry experts gave me a bird's-eye view of how issues are unfolding from the front lines and what long-term effect they could have. I always felt more informed and knowledgeable after reading the magazine. The industry is indeed losing one of the premiere sources of information and data. It will be sorely missed.

Pramod Karachur


In a world of unlimited access to information, Mortgage Banking has proven an invaluable one-stop resource for reliable, need-to-know news. Each issue gets passed around throughout all levels of our organization, which has helped countless SWBC associates be more industry-savvy--making them invaluable to their co-workers, managers and clients. We will truly miss Mortgage Banking's combination of short news bites as well as in-depth pieces about the CFPB and other regulatory issues. Because at SWBC we, too, embrace change and evolution, we eagerly await the new online publication that will be launching in its place.



Almost exactly 30 years ago, I started my first job in the mortgage banking industry and have been constantly amazed at the rate of change in the industry. Market size, top players and regulatory scrutiny all change at a rate much higher than other industries. Through my entire career, Mortgage Banking magazine has helped me understand the business and how the business is changing.

I'd like to thank the MBA, Janet Hewitt and her staff for making this business a little more understandable, interesting and enjoyable to read about. I'd also like to personally thank Janet for publishing a photo of my necktie collection in the October 2011 issue!

John Walsh


I am a 38-year mortgage veteran and have been a regular reader of Mortgage Banking magazine. Over the years, the education I have gained from the many contributors has been invaluable. Thanks to the MBA for the hard work that went into the magazine that contributed to the success of many.

Anita Padilla-Fitzgerald

MegaStar Financial Corporation

As both a long-time reader and contributor to Mortgage Banking, I've relied on it for 20 years as one of the best resources in the mortgage industry. Each month, I'd first flip to Dave's Desk, written by Editor-in-Chief Janet Hewitt, to catch up on Dave Stevens' latest insights. Over the years, Mortgage Banking gained a great deal of respect from all corners of the industry. Quite often, the magazine was the first to uncover news or a trend in the industry, such as a 2007 article that examined the making of the mortgage meltdown--a full year before the meltdown became a reality.

As a contributor to the magazine, I learned a good deal over the years from Janet about writing, reporting and interviewing sources. She listened carefully to ideas and concerns, and provided insightful feedback. Her sense of humor and calm demeanor made her a pleasure to work for, always. Janet and Mortgage Banking will most certainly be missed.

Mary McGarity

Strategic Vantage

Good job on Mortgage Banking magazine. You always knew what I was thinking!

Julie Messina, CMB

LHM Financial, dba CNN Mortgage

I want to just thank you for the tremendous work you've done over the years in helping folks in this industry better understand complex, nettlesome issues, and providing useful content (what some business people might call "actionable") that helps them navigate through those complexities.

We really have valued our relationship with you--I know that because Tim Burniston, Steve Cross and others here expressed such sentiments during my short three years here. And while I've only collaborated with you on several articles, it has really been a pleasure. What did Dorothy say? Something like, "I'll miss you most, Scarecrow!" (snuffle, snuffle.) Nothing can ever replace the quality work that you and Lesley have produced via Mortgage Banking magazine.

David Feider

Wolters Kluwer

I have always turned to Mortgage Banking magazine for an in-depth perspective on issues that affect the mortgage industry. Having worked for Janet Hewitt as a freelance writer and later as a public relations specialist, I have a great deal of respect for the publication, Janet, deputy editor Lesley Hall and the other people who were instrumental in publishing the high-quality magazine monthly. The variety of the stories as well as the recurring columns provided a wealth of information. The industry will not be the same without the magazine or Janet. But I guess all good things must come to an end sometime.

Charlyne H. McWilliams

William Mills Agency

The Mortgage Bankers Association has been our trusted resource for news, networking and collaboration for many years at Mortgage Cadence. MBA's conferences also provide unparalleled opportunity for networking and industry insight, allowing us to foster long-standing relationships. We will greatly miss the sense of community and recognition Mortgage Banking magazine provided, as well as the space it created for open dialogue and varying opinions surrounding the real estate market. More importantly, the magazine helped provide emphasis/focus during a time of immense regulatory change. The gap left by this exit certainly leaves some big shoes to be filled.

Mortgage Cadence

What will I miss most about Mortgage Banking?

I am old-school. I love receiving the nice, thick paper magazine and exploring the table of contents to decide what I am going to focus on over the next month. I read, underline, make notes in the margins and rip out articles to share. Online [reading] is just not the same and is difficult to enjoy and share.

Mark Owens

Asheville Savings Bank

Janet, it has truly been a pleasure working with you over the years. I do not think there has been a William Mills Agency client ever disappointed after a meeting with you--you always capture what they shared and report it not only accurately, but more so in a way that is of interest to your readers. You built a wonderful magazine, and it is truly a testament to your hard work and dedication. May the next chapter of your life be even more rewarding than this one.

Catherine Laws

William Mills Agency

We just finished filming an industry recruitment video that had us visiting various [MBA] members' offices for interviews. At every one of them, it seemed, Mortgage Banking was visible on the tables in the open space.

Jamie Woodwell

Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA

Mortgage Banking has always been my go-to source for timely and quality information pertaining to the industry. I am a public relations professional, so I always strive to get exposure for my clients in the most credible and influential publications in the industry--and Mortgage Banking has always been one of my favorites. It has been such a pleasure working with the Mortgage Banking staff, particularly Janet Hewitt, and they will greatly be missed.

Sarah Wroble

William Mills Agency

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