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In with the old...

FOR an old bandicoot, Crash is enjoying a bit of a resurgence. For a sixth glorious week, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is topping the gaming charts, a feat only equalled by fellow Activison title Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

The appetite for Crash has been voracious, and has seen the studio head back to its archives to see which other gems are ripe for a bit of spit and polish.

Remasters have been a thing for a while now, but 2017 has seen the industry hit a peak.

Just this year we've seen remasters of StarCraft, BulletStorm, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Kingdom Hearts 2.8, and PaRappa the Rapper, with many more to come.

Gamers can't get enough of them, and it's easy to see why.

There's something wonderfully comforting about revisiting an old favourite, a game from your younger days, and not having your rosetinted memory of it trampled over. Remasters make a game look fresh, play fluidly and iron over wrinkles that give away its age.

With the raft of scrubbed-up titles floating around, some may have passed under your radar.

These are the best on the market at the moment.

GOD OF WAR III: REMASTERED PS4 THIS two-year-old remaster of a 12-year-old game still stands the test of time.

God of War is a remarkable series, which gets a highly anticipated new release in the early part of next year.

This 'threequel' was an odd place for Sony to start with remastering the franchise as it picks up from the cliffhanger ending of GoWII - and of the three, it was by no means the strongest when it came to storyline.

But it looks simply astonishing.

Improved frame rates mean the game runs smoothly, fight combos flow and the set pieces literally stop you in your tracks.

The fixed camera still causes some issues when fighting the bigger baddies and, if this is your first dip into the franchise, you'll have no hope of following the plot.

The remaster comes with all the GoWIII DLC and can be picked up for less than PS15.

An absolute bargain.

BIOSHOCK: THE COLLECTION PS4, XBOX ONE, PC RAPTURE holds a very special place in my heart, so I was tentative about what a remaster would do to this series.

The Collection features Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock: Infinte, and in truth the games have never looked more beautiful.

It is the original Bioshock that looks most resplendent - vibrant lighting, deeper colours and richer textures. As well as the three core games, you also get DLC packs Minerva's Den and Burial at Sea, and the Columbia's Finest pack.

The Bioshock 2 version has had the multiplayer option stripped out, but you do get all the challenge modes. There's also a Museum of Orphaned Concepts, a feature from an earlier collection in which players can see an in-game gallery of abandoned development concepts.

BioShock Infinite is only remastered for the console releases - so it's essentially the PC version that makes up the trilogy.

VOODOO VINCE REMASTERED XBOX ONE, PC THE plucky little voodoo doll steps out from the shadow of the Xbox and basks in the glory of HD. Set in the colourful streets of New Orleans, Vince is on a mission to rescue his creator, Madam Charmaine.

It's a charming title full of humour, by-the-numbers platformer game play and the odd tricky puzzle that focuses the mind. But beyond the revamped graphics and improved frame rates there is nothing else here. No extra levels, no new bosses, no cheeky jokes.

Vwa ws Voodoo Vince wasn't widely appreciated when it first slipped onto the market in 2003, so this remastered version did something more important than just scrub up the visuals - it brought the game to the attention of a new generation of players.

WIPEOUT OMEGA COLLECTION PS4 WIPEOUT and I have never got along.

We've tried playing nicely, we've tried just sitting quietly in the same room together, but the result is always the same - I feel sick.

So, far from being excited at the arrival of the Omega Collection, my tummy did a little forward roll. All that being said, this is a fantastic example of a franchise which has kept its appeal.

There's been a WipEOut game on every Playstation console since 1995.

The Omega Collection comprises of three of the series' less attention grabbing titles - WipEOout HD, Fury and 2048.

Boasting 4K resolution, HDR support and improved frame rates - added with the blisteringly good soundtrack and this is an amazing introduction to the futuristic racing games.

BULLETSTORM: FULL CLIP EDITION PS4, XBOX ONE, PC THIS is a remaster which really surprised me. Bulletstorm wasn't exactly a title screaming out for a re-release, and yet Full Clip Edition had me eating my words.

The first person shooter is famous for focusing on style over substance, with points awarded for 'stylish' kills - the gorier, the better.

Visually it looks stunning, textures are richly detailed, lines are sharper and a new lighting system gives you half a chance to see what you're doing. It feels grittier, more visceral - and certainly a lot bloodier than I remember.

There's a few additions - Overkill Campaign Mode, which starts players with access to all the game's weapons, and six new Echo maps too.
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Date:Aug 19, 2017
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