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In training for a life of health.

Two weeks ago, we started eight Chronicle readers off on our Lose More For 2004 campaign. Today we report on the progress of Pam Hutton, who is shedding the pounds under the expert guidance of personal trainer Charlene Melling.

It's been Pam Hutton's friends who have noticed the difference. Since she started the Chronicle's Lose More for 2004 campaign, Pam's pals have been full of encouragement.

"A lot of them have said to me, `Hey, you're very enthusiastic at the minute.' And I really, really am. I'm feeling so much more positive about everything. I'm even getting the housework done and enjoying it! It's been fantastic."

Foster carer Pam, from Whitley Bay, has been working out with personal trainer Charlene Melling for the past few weeks and as a result has lost a whopping 9lbs. She now tips the scales at 12st 13lbs and is well on her way to losing a stone in 12 weeks.

"Charlene is lovely and very good at what she does. We've been doing a lot of power-walking and floor work. I've got a rowing machine in the house so she's had me on that doing 10-minute stints as well."

As well as the sessions with Charlene, Pam, 58, has been going along to aqua-fit classes at Whitley Bay Leisure Pool and Tynemouth Pool.

And she's also managing to squeeze in the odd trip to the gym. Husband Bill is even threatening to come along and join her.

"I think he's worrying that I'm getting fitter than him. I'm just feeling really well and so eager to carry on. I know I haven't lost a tremendous amount of weight yet but I can feel myself toning up. There's a big difference in my fitness levels since we started the regime."

Pam admits to having a few vices which she is trying desperately to stamp out.

"I do like a cup of tea or coffee but I'm limiting them now. Instead of having a cup of tea first thing in the morning, I have a glass of hot water with a little bit of orange in the top.

"I've also completely cut out spreads and margarine on my bread. When I go to my local cafe now, they know to give me a ham salad sandwich with no margarine, mayo or coleslaw. But honestly, I don't miss them at all because what I get now is a lovely, fresh, healthy sandwich.

"I'm eating a lot more fish as well and making vegetable soup. I pack the soup out a bit with lentils and a couple of bowls of that fills me up for a main meal."

How is Pam hoping to get through Christmas, when temptation is rife?

"Well, my daughter is cooking the meal this year and she's a vegetarian. So we'll be having a vegetarian Christmas, I think, which should be nice. When it comes to the chocolates being handed round, though, I'll have to abstain. My problem is if I have one, I'll have the whole box so it's best if I just don't have any at all.

"Just because it's Christmas, I'm not going to give up on the regime. I think I might even get the whole family out on a power walk before we sit down to eat."

Charlene Melling has been very impressed with Pam's commitment and enthusiasm.

"It's been really good and we're getting on very well," she said. "Pam has worked so hard and she's completely dedicated, which is brilliant.

"We've been doing a lot of stability ball work, which is good for the whole body but especially stomachs and legs. It also helps improve balance and co-ordination. She says she can feel her body shape changing, but it's not just the weight loss, it's the overall fitness as well.

"We've been power-walking, which is an excellent cardiovascular and fat-burning exercise. We normally go for about half and hour and Pam is getting faster all the time. I'd recommend it to anyone - and it's free! I'd advise people to vary their routes and go to different places to keep it interesting. Take a friend along with you for company."

NPersonal Trainer Charlene Melling can help you lose weight, get fit and tone up, too. For more details call her on 07815 844 125 or (0191) 289 2315.

NWe will be focusing on a different slimmer each week. Keep following their progress with the Evening Chronicle.

NOur slimmers have more motivation than ever to shift those pounds with the range of fantastic prizes on offer.

Greens Health and Fitness have very kindly offered free membership for one year for the person/couple achieving the biggest weight loss, worth pounds 880 per person. A monthly body trainer session, worth pounds 25, and a pounds 50 Greens gift pack, which includes water bottle, headphones and fleece, is also being thrown in.

Other prizes for successful slimmers include a Greens Spa Day with a facial and back massage and a series of low-fat recipe books from Scottish Slimmers.

The prize list is growing by the day, giving the Chronicle slimmers that extra incentive to keep up their hard work over the Christmas period.

How to enjoy a party and stay slim

Ten top tips on how to survive the festive season without gaining pounds!

1. You don't want to be the office bore so sip soda water and white wine in a big glass and it lasts twice as long.

2. Intersperse alcoholic drinks with mineral or tonic water with ice and lemon. No-one will know the difference except you and your waistline.

3. Always choose diet mixers. The difference in calorie count is staggering.

4. Choose the slimmers' version of Kir Royale if you want to put some fizz into your life. Just add two tspns of sugar-free Ribena to a glass of chilled, dry sparkling wine.

5. Steer clear of party snacks like nuts and crisps. Five per cent of us can have a taste and stop: 95 per cent have a taste and START!

6. Don't starve all day as you'll only stuff yourself all night!

7. Shops will only close for a day or two so there's no need to stock up with food for a fortnight.

8. At the office do or the drinks party after work, be on your feet as often as you can. Standing uses about 15 per cent more calories than sitting!

9. Keep the cellophane wrapping ON boxes of chocolates ready to give them away!

10. And most importantly, ENJOY IT. Remember that it's not what you eat between Christmas and New Year that does the damage, it's what you eat between New Year and Christmas next year!

* Thanks to Scottish Slimmers for providing these tips. For details of Scottish Slimmers classes in your area, call 0800 36 26 36.

Progress reports

How are our other slimmers getting on?

Name: Lorraine, 39, and John Studholme, 46, Walker

Programme: WeightWatchers

Starting weight: Lorraine: 25st 2lbs, John: 13st 9lbs

Weight now: Lorraine: 24st 2lbs, John: 13st 6lbs

Total loss: Lorraine: 14lbs, John: 3lbs

For more information about WeightWatchers, log on to or call 0845 712 3000

Name: Audrey Stoker, 55, Forest Hall

Programme: Fitness consultant Michael Pellegrino is supervising Audrey at Axis Fitness, McCracken Park, Gosforth

Starting weight: 19st 4lbs

Weight now: 18st 13lbs

Total loss: 5lbs

Contact Michael Pellegrino at MP Fitness on 07932 719 120 or email him on

Name: Andy Crawford, 43, Forest Hall

Programme: Greens Health and Fitness, Gosforth

Starting weight: 19st 7lbs

Weight now: 19st

Total loss: 7lbs plus two per cent of body fat lost

Contact Greens Health and Fitness on (0191) 213 0070

Name: Victoria Dodd, 25, Hamsterley

Programme: Slimming World

Starting weight: 18st 1lb

Weight now: 17st 10lbs

Total loss: 5lbs

For more information about Slimming World, call Dawn Craggs on (0191) 413 6733

Name: Susan Emerson, 16, Walker

Programme: Personal training specialist Karl Bamberough is supervising Susan at Bannatynes gym, Newcastle

Starting weight: 11st

Weight now: 10st 12lbs

Total loss: 2lbs

Contact Bannatynes Health Club on (0191) 261 4664 or phone Karl on 07947 587 698

Name: Julie Jackson, 45, Gosforth

Programme: Toby Millar at the Gosforth Marriott is supervising Julie on a fitness programme

Starting weight: 12st 7lbs

Weight now: 12st 4lbs

Total loss: 3lbs plus 1 per cent of body fat lost

Contact the Marriott Gosforth on (0191) 236 4111.
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