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In touch: connect more with a tablet device.

Apple's iPad isn't the only tablet that's making waves in the technology world. Other popular brands such as Samsung and BlackBerry are bringing their own versions to the table, giving you more options and features. Tablets are another way people are connecting one-on-one with co-workers, clients, friends and family through email, video chat and even social media with one portable, PC-like device. Here are picks that can help you multitask, work on the go or bring efficiency to meetings so you won't be left disconnected.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Need a device that connects you at home, in a meeting and on the go? The Samsung Galaxy Tab brings emailing, video chat, calls and browsing the Web to one device. You can even take it on the road for point-by-point directions using Google Maps navigation. Sync the Galaxy Tab calendar with Google, Facebook or Microsoft Exchange, or view and edit documents in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. It's smaller than the other featured tablets, with a 7-inch full-screen view. Download thousands of apps from the Android market for work or play. Compatible with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon networks. $400


Motorola Xoom

After winning the "Best of Show" and "Best Tablet" awards at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, this tablet is one worth checking out. It's powered by the Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system that supports multitasking and will run with Verizon's network. This tablet also includes front-and rear-facing cameras and HD recording. It supports Adobe Flash. $800


BlackBerry Playbook

This tablet was made with the business professional in mind. For those who love their BlackBerry, this tablet wirelessly connects to your smartphone to access email, contacts, calendar and chat. You can video-conference with the BlackBerry Playbook using dual HD video cameras, gain high-speed connection using 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi networks, and browse the Web in its entirety. Runs on the Sprint network. TBA


Stylish Carriers

Great design combines with functionality in these bags for your laptop or tablet. The elegant Boa push from booq, at right, includes a compartment lined with non-scratch fabric for your iPad and an exterior pocket for your iPhone, and is equipped with Terralinq service to help reunite you with a lost bag, $90. The artistically designed iSkin silo line of laptop carriers, below, includes compartments to protect your 13-15-inch Mac or PC, as well as plenty of other sections for other gear. $140-150.



Bluetooth Keyboard for the iPad

Do you ever wish your iPad had a real keyboard? Whether you have fat fingers, touchscreen aversions or just dislike the grubby fingerprints, this Bluetooth keyboard allows you to become more efficient and helps you protect that oh-so-delicate screen. $100

Meteor Mic

Enhance your business meetings by recording them. The Meteor Mic can take care of note taking for you, producing quality sound and recordings, whether you're in a meeting or sitting through a seminar. It's also ideal for iChat, Skype and other online communication. $99

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