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In toon with more bad taste.


South Park (Channel 4, 9.30pm)

LOVE it or loathe it - South Park is back and at its scummy best.

Tonight, Friends star Jennifer Aniston provides the voice of a sappy choir teacher. Mr Mackey punishes Cartman and the gang by forcing them to join the Getting Gay With Kids choir.

The choir is going to Costa Rica to help save the rainforest. While on a tour of the rainforest, the choir group gets lost when a snake kills their guide.

They soon discover the evils of the rainforest, which changes the choir group's message. And Kenny also falls in love.

Thanks to the South Park movie, it feels like Cartman, Kenny, Kyle and Stan have never been away. But Friday nights have certainly been duller.


The Talk Show Story (BBC 1, 9.30pm)

MICHAEL PARKINSON, arguably the King of Chat, presents a programme on the history of chat shows. He calls them "an unnatural act between two or more consenting adults in public."

Parky shares secrets of the trade with Terry Wogan, Des O'Connor, Clive James, Michael Aspel, Clive Anderson, Dame Edna Everage and new boy Graham Norton. And from America, Parky chats to Jay Leno and Joan Rivers.

The chat show began in America 50 years ago and the undisbutable king of chat must be Johnny Carson, who reigned supreme for more than 30 years with his Tonight Show.


Something For The Weekend (Channel 4, 11.00pm)

FORMER Big Breakfast star Denise Van Outen returns for her saucy night time frolics. It's very tacky and very un-PC - but we like it.

Tonight, one lucky guy tries to get to grips with his favourite part of the female anatomy when he plays Mammary Man.

Audience members receive a good dressing down from club doorman Cherub. Street magician Paul Zenon turns a few tricks in a Blackpool club, and Denise's own focus group answers the question of everyone's lips: "How many people do you have to sleep with before you're considered a slapper?" Not Ali G, but better than Chris Evans.


The Bill (ITV, 8.00pm)

IN the first of a three-part special, the Sun Hill bizzies investigate a series of drug-related murders on the Bronte housing estate. An officer needs to be sent undercover to find out the names of possible suspects.

PC Cass Rickman can't say yes quick enough when she hears Leroy is involved. She once had a flirtatious relationship with him while undercover on another job. But this time she gets sucked into the world of crime.

She finds it easy at first tricking drug dealer Leroy into telling her what's going on. But things turn nasty when they are attacked by a gunman as they leave a gym.

Leroy says it is a warning from Henry Toussant who wants control of the estate and has heard the drugs dealer is thinking about working for a rival syndicate.

But to join this syndicate he needs pounds 50,000 as a joining fee and plans to rob a building society.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jun 2, 2000
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