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In time of Need.

We all think about the future and what lies in store. But none of us want to think about death, whether it be our own or someone we love. However, the best way to cope with bereavement is to be prepared. A funeral is a final tribute to the person who has passed away. It can help you cope with your loss.When you phone a funeral director you should make sure they adhere to the code of practice agreed by the National Association of Funeral Directors.This will ensure that they will provide you with the service that you want.

Code of Practice Principles: Members of the National Association of Funeral Directors agree to honour the spirit anS d provisions of the code,we observe the following principles: 1.Strictly to observe the confidence of the client at all times 2.At all times to render good service and make fair charges in respect of services rendered and for merchandise supplied. S 3.To ensure that advertising is always in good taste. N o sensational, offensive or undignified advertising is permitted.

4.To provide clients and the general public with full and fair information about services.We will have readily available to clients and the general public price lists or leaflets covering the basic funeral, and all types of coffins, caskets and services provided.

5.To give a written estimate of all funeral charges and disbursements to be made on the client's behalf, together with a written confirmation of the funeral arrangements in each and every case at the time of taking instructions, or failing this, as soon as it is practicable before the day of the funeral.

6.To provide all clients with an itemised account. 7.Nevertoconductourselvesatanytimeinamannerlikelytoprejudiceourprofessionalstatus sFuneral Directors or the reputation of our profession.The soliciting of funeral orders or offering or giving any reward for recommendation is not permitted.

8.To display on our premises our Association symbol to publicise our observance of the code of Practice.

Members will also display these Code of Practice Principles.

9.The National Association of Funeral Directors which sponsors the Code, provides a clients' advisory service with conciliation and arbitration arrangements, available to help resolve any disputes which arise between Members and their clients.
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Sep 11, 2009
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