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I received much of the text for this Journal during July as Sydney hosted the pilgrims for World Youth Day 2008. It was remarkable to see the welcome of hundreds of thousands to Pope Benedict XVI and the climactic Mass at Randwick, likewise with 400,000 participants.

In contrast, the setting for several items of this edition is the period 1850-1920, when Australia was moving towards nationhood within the powerful British Empire and the Irish-Roman Catholic Church was struggling for acceptance in a sectarian environment. Australians in 1900 would hardly have imagined that a century later their governments would be helping to finance this Catholic phenomenon and that revered sites in Sydney would be the stage for the graphic re-enactment of the Stations of the Cross.

Within this period is a Catholic leader who has received uneven treatment from historians. Peter Cunich pays tribute to the achievements of Archbishop Vaughan in his relatively brief period as Archbishop of Sydney. It is interesting too that four books reviewed deal with significant individuals and events of this period: Cardinal Moran, William Dalley, Caroline Chisholm and Charles O'Neill.

More recent themes are treated in the remaining articles. Margaret Zucker brings her long association with the Kimberley to bear on the history of the 'stolen' or 'separated' children of the area. Finally, two articles, by Bishop Bede Heather and myself, examine the origins and early years of the Dioceses of Broken Bay and Parramatta--both established in 1986.

John Luttrell fms, editor
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Author:Luttrell, John
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Date:Jan 1, 2008
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