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In these flower beds, everything is within easy reach. And there's always a handy seat.

A practical shape for her raised beds makes it comfortable and easy for Mary Scott to tend her flower garden. The beds' U-shaped form lets her walk around the inside and outside of each one and have all the flowers within easy reach. Her bad back dictated the design--because the planters' wide lips make a continuous plant-level seat, she doesn't have to bend over too far.

At a glance, the garden--in Davis, California--seems to be composed of four raised beds. Actually, there are three: two smaller ones and a longer one that is double the length of the others.

The basic design module is an 18-foot square with a 27-by 42 inch cutout centered in one side. The 27-inch measurement repeats in the spacing between each module. The long side of the big planter measures 18 feet 3 inches (two 8-foot modules plus the 27-inch space).

Each planter is 22 inches high. Roughsawn redwood 2 by 8's were nailed to the insides of 4-by-4 posts set 18 inches into the ground. Surfaced 2 by 6's cap the posts and 2 by 8's. To broaden this 5-1/2-inch-wide cap into a seat, a 2-by-6 facing board was mounted to the outside edges, flush with the top. To prevent earth-to-wood contact on the sides, builder's felt lines the inside walls.

Landscape designer Michael Glassman, also of Davis, designed the planters.
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Date:Jul 1, 1984
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