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In their own words: bringing the CMA story to life.

GREEN-ENERGY YISIONARIES, groundbreaking public servants, business-changing leaders, these are just some of the CMA success stories highlighting how our members truly create possibilities. As we saw last year through our brand campaign, the absolute best way to bring the CMA story to life is to get CMAs talking.

It's a simple truth that continues as the basis for this year's testimonials, which use compelling professional successes to highlight the benefits of being a Certified Management Accountant.

The Create Possibilities[TM] campaign, created in partnership with ad agency TBWA, features CMAs driving business in a variety of sectors including energy, government, fashion, retail, agriculture, gaming, distribution, sports and entertainment. Similar to last year, members were filmed, documentary style, and will be profiled on the CMA recruitment website ( in addition to television, print and online.

"We wanted to continue our focus on profiling CMAs making significant contributions in diverse industries throughout the country. Their pride, passion and accomplishments make them great ambassadors for the program and reinforce the CMA message," says Joy Thomas, president and chief executive officer, CMA Canada. The range of CMAs doing great work from accounting to management to strategy is impressive."

One of the members profiled is Robert Thorsten, vice-president, People and Patron Services for True North Sports and Entertainment Thorsten selected the CMA designation because of the management aspects that include operations, marketing and communications. As he says, "The breadth of knowledge that you get through the CMA program, the functional knowledge, the strategic knowledge allows you to rise up through the organization."

Atul Mahajan, president and CEO, Oshawa Power and Utilities Corp., has a passion for making an impact on business rather than just measuring performance. "I chose the CMA program because it offers vision, leadership and strategies to make a difference in any business," says Mahajan. "Oshawa Power wanted someone who could drive the business beyond just looking at the numbers." To this end, his executive team discusses the future of electricity and how the utility will move towards green power generation.

These testimonials are especially poignant for anyone just beginning their careers and wondering what the future holds. They'll be inspired by Marlene Lachance, director of Performance Management at Groupe Dynamite, who is proud, "To have the opportunity to influence strategic direction and business processes;" Martial Gagne president of Lunetterie New Look who leads a company that leads an industry in eye care products; and by George McClean, vice-president & General Counsel, Acklands-Grainger Inc., a lawyer and a CMA.

Whether they're leading multi-billion dollar concerns, gauging the future of electricity generation or guiding fashion trends, CMAs rely on their accounting, management and strategy skills to drive successful businesses. We feel that by using these successful and passionate brand ambassadors, CMA Canada can showcase the designation's core competencies and also inspire current and future business leaders.

Suzanne Godbehere is the vice-president, marketing & communications of CMA Canada.
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Title Annotation:VIEWPOINT
Author:Godbehere, Suzanne
Publication:CMA Magazine (Mississauga)
Date:Jan 1, 2011
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