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In the news again? (Tactical vest update).

Two submarines recently equipped their topside and security forces in the tactical vest after COMSUBLANT 061709Z DEC 01 (NOTAL) said the tactical vest "may be used for ballistic protection." The tactical vest was never certified to be used for ballistic protection. In other words, the tactical vest provides no ballistic protection! None! COMSUBLANT 141709 JAN 02 (NOTAL) cancels COMSUBLANT 061709Z DEC 01 (NOTAL).

ALSAFE 003/02 (COMNAVSAFECEN 102000Z JAN 02) reports that NAVSEA has completed testing on the tactical vest's holster and buoyancy fixes. Tactical vest modification kits will be delivered to the fleet by the fleet ILOs (Fleet CINCs will determine delivery priority). NAVSEA will be providing delivery information under separate correspondence.

If you have any questions contact: A. Woodword (NAVSEA 04L4B) at (202) 781-1854; M. Campbell (NAVSEA 05L4) at (202) 781-3619. You can also contact me at (757) 444-3520 Ext. 7091 (DSN 564) or e-mail

Note: There is a combined, floatation device/ballistic protection vest currently being tested by NAVSEA. If approved, the vest will be added to the physical security AEL 2-320024503.
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Date:Dec 1, 2001
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