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In the footprint of the crocodile man: contemporary works from Papua New Guinea.


March 1, 2016-January 31, 2017


This exhibition will introduce MOA's new and unique collection of contemporary sculptures from the Sepik region of Papua New Guinea. These works of art will be displayed alongside videos and photographs of their homeland, the magnificent Sepik River which is the largest uncontaminated freshwater wetland in the Asia-Pacific region. It is also one of the least developed areas in PNG and home to approximately 430,000 people who depend almost entirely on products from the rivers and forests for their livelihoods. This is perhaps the most linguistically and culturally diverse area in the planet with over 300 distinct languages in an area the size of France.

The exhibition has three important themes: first, it will introduce one of the world's greatest carving traditions and the artists who spend their lives creating works of international stature. Second, the exhibition will raise awareness of the relationship of these works to cultural life and the river that supports it. Third, the exhibition will provide a forum for the artists to express their concerns about environmental changes they believe will irretrievably upset the fragile balance between themselves and the world they know.

The source of their concern is located near the headwaters of the Sepik River where the Frieda River mine aims to tap one of the world's largest undeveloped copper and gold deposits. Given the combination of great art, environmental splendor and an uncertain future, In the Footprint of the Crocodile will be both a beautiful and challenging exhibition. To see it, visit the UBC Museum of Anthropology online for details.

PPP is proud to facilitate the travel, programming and cultural exchange of artists from Papua New Guinea to Canada during summer 2016, to compliment this important exhibition.


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