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In the EU through Albania.

If the name issue is not solved at November's NATO Summit, then Macedonia will not receive an invitation to join NATO. At the same time, the name solution remains the main requirement for joining the European Union. Meanwhile, a trend of individual membership is developed, not through the country, but by receiving citizenship from neighboring countries that are already members of the Euro-Atlantic structures. This process began with the Bulgarian passports and resumes by taking out Albanian citizenships and passports. According to Albanian analyst Enver Butuci, Macedonian Albanians should demand the integration in NATO and the EU through their mother country and not by taking out Albanians passports because this option is bad. For Professor Stevo Pendarovski, the phenomenon for taking out foreign passports weakens the connection with the country and makes citizens uninterested in their own country. Mersel Biljali says that it is positive that Macedonian Albanians are trying to receive Albanian citizenship because they will realize economic gains.
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Author:Zulbeari, Elida
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Geographic Code:4EXMA
Date:Oct 13, 2010
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