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In the Beginning Was the Rat.

 they will lie to you consistently i will lie to you consistently
 they will hide behind their lies to let their voices appear from
nowhere i will lay my lies on the operating table lace their veins with
light and let them glow like vermin
for in the beginning was the rat who made television in its image then
the ghost of the rat then the song of the ghost of the rat then the sign
of the song of the ghost of the rat
the rat is a domestic animal the way enslaved blacks were a sign of
human organs bartered for gold
have you ever seen anyone eat gold or make love to gold carve a pretend
sex organ from a dead shiny brick or imagine flesh could ever be that
unalive anyone besides a banker
in plantation houses of the americas rats would get into the food legend
has it that dark human property slipped things into the food of the
white family or patriarch that raped murdered and tortured africans at
most murders are domestic affairs committed by people who know the folks
they want to kill the way a rat knows all the old signs of apocalypse
have been willfully forgotten by its predators
certain rat predators will lie to you they will hide behind their lies
so voices appear from nowhere the lie inside of the lie but i will lay
my lies on the operating table to be x-rayed and made to glow like day 
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Title Annotation:POETRY
Author:Hunter, Kim (American poet)
Publication:Black Renaissance/Renaissance Noire
Article Type:Poem
Date:Sep 22, 2016
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