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In sink. (Fresh Ideas).

Hebert wanted to dress up a small bathroom, and with limited space to work with, the sink seemed like a natural focal point. The designer turned an antique dresser into a magnificent vanity and set a stone sink into a hole cut in the dresser's top. Faux finish artist Tommie McAdams added the finishing touches, turning the sink area from a potential liability to a true asset in this room.

To create your own custom bathroom vanity, make sure your dresser is at least 18 inches deep and 24 inches wide in order to accept a small (16-inch) vanity sink. Shallow oval sinks tend to work best. Remove all drawers or doors. Next, make a template of the outside rim of the sink, and measure in to determine the actual opening size. Cut out the template, then set it in the center of the dresser; it may need to be moved back slightly to avoid interfering with the front of the dresser. Trace inside the template, then cut with a jig saw. Make sure the sink fits inside the opening, then extend the drain pipe and water lines through the interior of the dresser. Remove the sink for easy accessibility. Next, remove the sides, back, and bottom of the top drawer or drawers, and screw the drawer front(s) to the inside of the dresser. You'll also need to shorten the depths of the lower drawers to accommodate the plumbing. Next, install the faucet, water lines, and drain to the sink. (You may want to seek the help of a plumber for this part of the project.) Run a bead of silicone caulk under the sink lip before positioning it on top of the dresser. It's now time to add decorative painting touches. Finally, to protect the dresser top from water damage, apply several coats of a clear satin latex varnish. The finished project is a one-of-a-kind vanity that is sure to be a conversation piece.
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Title Annotation:bathroom renovation
Author:Hebert, Julie
Publication:Mississippi Magazine
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Date:Mar 1, 2003
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