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In shoe limbo as weather flip-flops.

Byline: By Lowri Turner

Shoe sales are up. The sunny weather in April has seen sales of footwear soar. To men, this may seem a curious correlation. Why would anyone greet the sun by going shopping? However, like swallows being the first sign of spring, for women, open toed shoes really are a sign that summer is on the way.

The only hitch is when you put on your summer sandals and then the weather takes a turn for the worse, just as it has done recently. At what point do you admit defeat and climb back into boots and trainers? Just how wet do your toes have to get before you retreat into winter footwear? At present, we are all in footwear limbo. When you've felt the freedom that is the flip-flop, it is heartbreaking to have to consider the return of the sock.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 11, 2007
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