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In shape for a prize '98; PERSONAL COMPETITION.


Halfway through January and you're still not back in shape after all that Christmas pudding? Personal magazine has the perfect solution - an amazing pounds 227,000 worth of prizes to be won with a health and fitness theme! As an added bonus there's also a pounds 1,000 cash prize for one lucky reader.

Simply check your unique number printed in today's Sunday Mirror newspaper - or write to the address on the right for a number - then call the phoneline for the prize you would like to win. On line you will hear a list of prize- winning numbers. If you can match any of the numbers read out with your own, then you have won that prize. If you're not lucky with one number, why not try ringing them all to see if your number is a winner? To enter our pounds 1,000 competition, stay on the line and answer a simple question, then leave your name and address. You can enter the pounds 1,000 draw on all six phone lines. Winner will be chosen at random from all correct entries on Feb 16. Phone lines are open until Feb 15. If you hear your unique number on line, call 0990 11 44 00 between 10.30am and 4pm, Mon-Sat. Last day for claims is Feb 16.

CALL NOW: 0930 525 751

pounds 2,000 GYM EQUIPMENT

PLUS 5 x pounds 2,000 CASH

Eat your heart out Jane Fonda! Pump that iron with the very latest gym equipment on the market. No need to pay membership fees at your local gym or venture out on cold winter mornings to jog. We can provide you with all the indoor equipment you could possibly want. Whether you decide to spend your cash on an exercise bike, treadmill or step machine, you can become as fit as you want in the comfort of your own home. You can take cash instead, and there are five more opportunities to win a fantastic pounds 2,000. For your chance to win, simply call 0930 525 751. Don't worry if your number isn't announced - there's another pounds 1,000 up for grabs, and all you have to do is answer a simple question and leave your name and address on the line.

CALL NOW: 0930 525 752

THE HOLIDAY OF YOUR DREAMS (WORTH pounds 5,000) PLUS10 X pounds 5,000 CASH!

Just think . . . blue skies, fresh air in your lungs and the chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life for two whole weeks. Use our pounds 5,000 prize to escape from the winter blues. Whether you choose a sunnier destination and spend time relaxing by the pool, or you'd prefer a more active winter skiing holiday, we're offering you the chance to experience the getaway of your dreams. To find out if you're our holiday winner - or if you've won one of the 10 cash prizes of pounds 5,000 - simply call 0930 525 752.

Don't forget, stay on the line, answer our simple question and leave your name and address on line to stake your claim for our pounds 1,000 cash prize!

CALL NOW: 0930 525 753


Fight off those extra few inches you gained from the Christmas excesses - in great style! We're offering you the chance to head down to the gym of your choice and exercise to your heart's content.

After your workout, pamper yourself with an aromatherapy massage, a soak in the jacuzzi or a beauty treatment to get you through the January blues.

And if the gym seems like too much hard work, you can take the cash instead. Why not use it to take a well-earned break at a health farm? Indulge in looking after yourself for a change! Whether it is the sheer luxury of having exquisite and healthy meals cooked for you, or the chance to try out all therapies and treatments on offer, or simply the rare opportunity to get away from it all, the choice is yours! To find out if you've won this fabulous prize - or one of five possible pounds 5,000 cash prizes - simply call 0930 525 753. And remember to stay on the line to enter our pounds 1,000 cash competition!

LINE ONE: 0930 525 754

A ROVER MGF 1.81 VVC WORTH pounds 20,000 PLUS

10 X pounds 2,000 CASH PRIZES

Maybe your New Year get-up-and-go has already got up and gone. If an exercise bike isn't your idea of travelling in style, the sporty and stylish Rover MGF will be more up your street as you spend your carefree hours burning rubber instead of calories.

We're also offering 10 chances to win a fabulous pounds 2,000 in cash. With Christmas out the way, you may want to settle a few credit card bills, hunt for bargains in the the January sales or simply save for a rainy day.

To find out if you're an MG owner or pounds 2,000 winner, simply call 0930 525 754.

And there's another pounds 1,000 up for grabs if you answer a simple question and leave your name and address on the line.

CALL NOW: 0930 525 755

3 X pounds 10,000 CASH PLUS 5 X pounds 5,000 CASH

If you've already got the perfect body or your idea of keeping fit is watching A Question Of Sport, you will probably prefer to spend your prize money on other things!

You could splash out on designer outfits, treat your friends to lunch at a lavish restaurant, then maybe fly off for a weekend in Paris or Milan for more extravagance.

Just think what you could do with all that cash! There are three opportunities to get your hands on pounds 10,000 and five more chances to win pounds 5,000. And all you have to do to find out if you're a winner is call 0930 525 755.

And don't despair if your number doesn't come up for any of these cash prizes . . . there's still a chance to win our pounds 1,000 prize if you stay on the line.

CALL NOW: 0930 525 756


5 X pounds 5,000 CASH

Soak up the sunshine, take in the scenery and enjoy the laid-back lifestyle Down Under.

Try your hand at scuba diving in the world's most picturesque surroundings, then take a boat trip to some of Great Barrier Reef's deserted islands and stroll along their golden sandy beaches. Afterwards, you can throw some shrimps on the barbie and enjoy a few ice-cool beers as the sun goes down. Now is the perfect time of year for an Aussie holiday, so try your luck and call 0930 525 756 for the opportunity of a lifetime. There are also five pounds 5,000 cash prizes, and you can stay on the line to enter our pounds 1,000 cash competition.
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Title Annotation:Competitions/Offers
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jan 18, 1998
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