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In search of big trees.

AMERICAN FORESTS is taking nominations through August 1 for the 2008 National Register of Big Trees, which features the largest known of 826 tree species from across the nation. This popular program sends kids, families, foresters, and photographers into the woods and across neighborhoods in the hunt for massive examples of trees as common at dogwood and white oak and as exotic as gumbo limbo and anacahuite.

An added incentive this year: A new rule that trees must be remeasured every 10 years to keep their crown. That means lots of trees on the Register need to be checked for current height, circumference, and crown spread or risk surrendering their winning point totals.

Check out AMERICAN FORESTS' website,, for a list of trees included on the Register, easy directions for measuring trees, and the contact info for your state coordinator. You can also find photos and stories about the national champs.


Then get out and start hunting! Check back in these pages next Spring to see which champions were toppled and which kept their titles.
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Title Annotation:News from the world of Trees
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Date:Jun 22, 2007
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