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In reply to the question, "Is a soul like an organic thing, you know, like eggshells or oranges, so when you die you get sort of recycled?".

In reply to the question, "Is a soul like an
organic thing, you know, like eggshells or oranges,
so when you die you get sort of recycled?"

   From a tall girl named Shavawn in fourth grade, who
   Continues, and is there a website you can recommend?
   Well, Shavawn, I say, that is a very excellent question,
   And my answer is no, I don't know about the website,
   But yes, when you die you get recycled, that's for sure.
   Your organs if they are still working you lend them out
   To someone who needs an eye or kidneys or whatever,
   And the rest of you either gets cremated and so becomes
   Ash which I understand is excellent expecially for roses,
   Or you can be buried and thus slowly turn back into dirt,
   Which of course, as we know, is also excellent for roses.
   It's all about the roses, in the end. The class sits silently
   For a moment and then Shavawn says firmly, Now about
   The soul, what basically is the story there, here we learn
   The the soul cannot die no matter what & goes to heaven
   Or wherever. What do you say? I stand silent for a minute,
   Looking at them, those magic faces & vast patient hearts,
   & I think for the millionth time that blowing smoke on kids
   Is a foul nasty sin, and I say well, Shavawn, you holy soul,
   I believe all the way to heaven is heaven, and I believe who
   We are never dies but just changes form, and I believe that
   We are here for a bright moment between endless darkness,
   And that grace under duress is about the coolest thing going,
   And learning to love and then loving like crazy is the point,
   Even though that's hard and confusing and painful and you
   Lose all the time and in the end you lose everyone you ever
   Loved, but what a cool ride along the way, don't you think?
   For a long moment no one even wriggles one bit, the teacher
   Agape and the children staring, and then Shavawn, bless her
   Heart, says, that's like way eloquent, will that be on the past?
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Author:Doyle, Brian
Publication:U.S. Catholic
Article Type:Poem
Date:Jun 1, 2008
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