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In principle, in practice; museums as learning institutions.


In principle, in practice; museums as learning institutions.

Ed. by John H. Falk et al.

AltaMira Press


315 pages



Learning innovations


Falk et al. (Institute for Learning Innovation, Annapolis) bring together 17 essays that describe how museums are learning institutions. The volume is part of the National Science Foundation's initiative In Principle, In Practice: A Learning Innovation Initiative on Museum Learning. It aims to collect knowledge about learning in museums, examine where it leads in terms of practice and community, and consider what still needs to be learned to face the challenges of the future. Essays cover how people learn in museums, including discussion of families and school groups and the role of exhibitions, and how to engage audiences through customized and personal experiences. The issue of institutional authority, the importance of socially relevant goals, and issues relating to controversial topics are explored, as are how to foster a learning-centered culture, and how to make changes. Contributors are consultants, researchers and scholars, or are associated with museums in the US, UK, and Australia.

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