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In other journals.

In Other Journals aims to alert readers to a selection of recent, clinically relevant articles from the peer-reviewed literature.

The majority of articles cited in In Other Journals are available free, in full-text versions, via the internet. Many biomedical and health professional journals are now available free on-line (as this issue went to press, had links to 980 such journals). In most cases, they are the official journals of professional organisations.

While some articles will display directly in your web-browser window, in most cases you will need to have a recent version of the Acrobat Reader program installed on your computer in order to view the article. If you do not have this already, it is available free from

All articles cited will be from the peer-reviewed literature. While we emphasise clinical relevance in our choice of articles to cite, and aim to cover the full range of physiotherapy disciplines, no attempt is made to establish the quality of the articles; this is the responsibility of the reader.

Readers are encouraged to submit citations, with web addresses, for inclusion in the next issue. We are grateful for the assistance of Janet Copeland, Research Liaison Officer for NZSP, who will be assisting the Editorial Committee with this new section of the Journal. Please e-mail your submission to

We hope you find this new section a helpful and stimulating resource.

J Haxby Abbott, Associate Editor for In Other Journals

Featured sites: New Zealand Guidelines Group accessed 2/07/03

New Zealand Evidence-based Healthcare Bulletin sign up to receive this newsletter regularly via e-mail accessed 2/07/03

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(Comment: It is interesting to read the responses to this article which can be accessed from the above website. JC, RLO)

Massage treatment for back pain (Editorial). Ernst, E. BMJ 2003;326:562-563. accessed 22/05/03

Sensitivity to changes in disability after stroke: A comparison of four scales useful in clinical trials Alexander W. Dromerick; Dorothy F. Edwards; Michael N. Diringer. Department of Neurology and Program in Occupational Therapy Washington University School of Medicine, St Louis, MO Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development 2003 Vol. 40 No.1 1-8 Accessed 29/05/03 via

The Concept of Patient Motivation--A Qualitative Analysis of Stroke Professionals' Attitudes Niall Maclean; Pandora Pound; Charles Wolfe; Anthony Rudd Stroke 2002; Vol 33: 444-448 Accessed 29/05/03 via
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Author:Abbott, J. Haxby
Publication:New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy
Date:Jul 1, 2003
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