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In memoriam.

Mike Jordan, the irrepressible creator and director of the world's only atheist/freethinker a cappella group, Voices of Reason, died June 10, 2004. He was thirty-six. Originally from Minnesota, Mike founded and directed the Minneapolis Greed Theater. He moved to California in his twenties to pursue his dream of finding success in Hollywood. He was a proficient musician, actor, and singer, a theater critic, and a writer whose semi-autobiographical short story "Catch" was nominated for a prestigious journalistic award.

Within the gay community, Mike always pushed to have the atheist's voice heard. For his innovative creation of Voices of Reason, Mike was awarded the 2002 Spencer Blackwelder Freethought Pioneer Award from Atheists United. He is survived by his partner, Peter Olson, in Los Angeles, and by his parents and two sisters in Minnesota.

Long-time Council for Secular Humanism supporter Robert Lees died at ninety-one years of age as a victim of a brutal murder in his hometown of Los Angeles. Mr. Lees was involved with the CFI-West community and will be dearly missed by friends and CFI staff. Mr. Lees was one of the first Hollywood screenwriters to be blacklisted, and his writing career came to a halt for some time when he invoked the Fifth Amendment rather than naming names in the McCarthy hearings. His writing credits include Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein and the television show Alfred Hitchcock Presents. A long-time humanist, Mr. Lees kept a plaque from his childhood that read: "The world is my home, all men are my brothers." Our brother will be missed. The Council and FREE INQUIRY send their deepest condolences to Mr. Lees's family.

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Date:Aug 1, 2004
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