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In house sheeting, is it right for you?

Almost every company has wished they had in house sheeting capabilities or at least thought about it at one time or another. Having a sheeter in house gives firms the ability to convert rolls of nonwovens and other flexible materials into whatever size and quantity of sheets are needed for an application. It is like getting made to measure sheets on demand for every job.

A sheeter eliminates the need to have a large expensive inventory of pre-cut sheets to satisfy a company's requirements. With some companies paying as much as a 10-15% premium to suppliers for pre-cut sheets, an in house sheeter can quickly earn its keep. What's more, a sheeter can provide the exact size needed. Pre-cut sheets often need to be trimmed, wasting valuable material.

The savings are even more dramatic for those operations hand cutting their own sheets. A sheeter produces, in excess, of 4 times as many sheets as a hand cutter, with incomparable accuracy and edge quality, while occupying a fraction of the space. In material savings alone, a sheeter can pay for itself in just a few months.

It is not hard to understand why every year hundreds of companies, both large and small, make the switch to in house sheeting. Companies that use nonwovens and other flexible materials, find that having a sheeter in house generates substantial cost savings and allows greater flexibility then they had when they purchased pre-cut sheets or cut by hand.

Will a sheeter save your company money?

Sheeter manufacturers such as Rosenthal Manufacturing of Chicago, a leading manufacturer of sheeters for over 45 years make it easy for customers to see if in house sheeting is right for them. Rosenthal offers a free cost analysis to determine just how much you can expect to save with a sheeter and how quickly it will pay for itself. And once you've decided a sheeter is right for your operation, one of Rosenthal's knowledgeable sales engineers can guide you through the selection process to design a system that is right for your application. For more information contact Rosenthal manufacturing at (312) 539-4646.
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Date:May 1, 1993
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