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In honor of & memorial donor list: tribute gifts.

The National Women's Health Network thanks our members for their generous donations.

Miriam Breyer

In Honor of her daughters and granddaughter

Valerie P. Biron

In Memory of Geraldine B. Pons

Phyllis Chesler Ph.D.

In Memory of Barbara Seaman

Carolyn Corbin

In Honor of Dr. Maureen Flannery

Donald Farley

In Memory of Martha S. Farley

Barbara Gasdick

In Memory of Helen Gasdick

Lisa Handwerker

In Honor of Minnie Handwerker

Yvonne LaLanne

In Celebration of Cindy Pearson

Kara Loewentheil

In Memory of Doris Farber

Suzi & James McGregor

In Honor of Adriane FughBerman, MD

Loretta Ross

In Honor of Nkenge Toure

Yvetter Rudnitzky

In Memory of her mother, Mary Lutsky

This list reflects gifts received through July 15, 2016. If your name is missing, incorrectly listed, or misspelled, please accept our sincere apology, and contact our Membership Department at 202.682.2640.

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Publication:Women's Health Activist
Date:Sep 1, 2016
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