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In front, it's 1846. In back and in the kitchen, it's 1985.

It took finesse and restraint to expand this adobe house near Napa, California. Leaving the 1846 dwelling virtually untouched, San Francisco architect Robert Pfauth of Bull Volkman and Stockwell nearly doubled the living space with a 1,400-square-foot addition off the back.

A decrepit lean-to, tacked on near the turn of the century, was removed to make way for a dining room, kitchen, utility room, walk-in closet, and master bath. The dining room, kitchen, and bath all open to the outdoors.

To blend the new with the old successfully, Pfauth chose building materials that didn't try to imitate the originals but possessed the same look and conveyed much the same feeling. He used slumpstone for the new walls, then painted the entire structure white. Dark-stained exposed beams are about the same hue and dimension as existing hand-hewn beams.

Like the old house, the addition has Douglas fir floors, but they're sealed with satin-finish polyurethane to keep them bright and light in color. Skylights in the kitchen and bath brighten the rooms and highlight the rich texture of what had been exterior adobe walls.

To preserve and complement the 1846 eaves, Pfauth gave the addition a flat roof that fits under the old eaves. Shingled overhangs wrap around the expansion, forming a sort of shallow mansard roof.
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Title Annotation:house remodeling
Date:Apr 1, 1985
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