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In food and foul language, a little self-discipline works wonders.

Byline: Karre Brady

WHEN it comes to new year resolution, I can't help new year irresolution.

Take weight, for instance. And you can take some of mine at the moment - I've grown into Mrs Big Top, as I seem to each Christmas.

It's always the same for me, one step forward, two steps back.

Just when I think I'm on my way to my fighting weight - bang! In goes a pork pie, Cornish pasty, custard tart and a packet of crisps, and it's still only lunch time!

I'm one of those people who eat when I get stressed, so, there's something else to blame on the team!

But this year (like every year) I'm really going to try to get fit.

Not the marathon running kind of fit, but the 'walk up the stairs without an oxygen tank' type of fit.

I noticed this morning 12 different celebrity videos being advertised on TV.

None really appealed, except maybe one with the Chippendales!

So there it is, you see, my resolution for 2006, hardly varying from 2000 to 2005.

It didn't take me too long to break this resolution in 2005.

Good intentions last about as long as I found I could fit into my favourite clothes again (inevitably slimline, naturally) at which point I had nothing to worry about. Okay, so you know the consequences of that.

The other thing about resolutions is that they can be so enjoyable to break: take a common one, to stop swearing.

Anyone who lets off steam with a stream of fruity language knows that it won't last long - the trick is to wait until the occasion truly demands it, like a car turning into the road straight in front of you.

Trust me, you'll have the greatest satisfaction at letting out a volley of undeleted expletives.

And then you ask yourself whether swearing by yourself counts. I don't think it does but the point is that the spell is broken and next time someone calls you a

******* idiot - a pretty regular occurrence in football - you'll feel free to reply in kind.

If you resist, just think how righteous you'll feel.

My New Year's wish? Easy, that Blues stay up and, of course, that 2006 brings you all love and contentment.


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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Jan 3, 2006
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