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Oliver Products Company

445 Sixth Street NW

Grand Rapids, MI


Fax: 616-742-1512


For more than 112 years, Oliver Products has successfully met the changing needs of its customers in coating, printing and general converting. The continuing growth of the company is a result of Oliver's ability to deliver custom-tailored solutions produced on equipment designed and built in house.

Oliver's 40 years of experience in the healthcare and personal care markets has helped the company provide customers with specific, task engineered functionality for nonwovens. Oliver's unique coating technology creates enhanced performance surfaces on substrates. During the past few years, Oliver has brought its patent pending DotCoat technology to the wipes market.

The DotCoat process allows Oliver to engineer the size and shape of each coated dot and customize the density and pattern of each coated surface. Textures can be achieved which are more abrasive than those currently available on wipes and which don't disappear into the nonwoven during scrubbing. Oliver can produced colored, textured surfaces on nearly any nonwoven suitable for a range of uses from skin exfoliation to aggressive scrubbing on a hard surface. Oliver's polymer shapes are physically bonded into the nonwoven during the production process so the shapes don't come off during aggressive use-an advantage over other, less durable methods of creating texture. The company has recently developed a unique ability to combine texture with graphics, a process that allows customers to present a logo or a brand name in a functional, textured pattern.

"We recognize that future market growth will be driven by product diversification and specialization as consumers demand wipes that are increasingly task engineered. We believe that our DotCoat technology uniquely positions us as the leader in task engineering of wipes through the creation of enhanced performance surfaces," said Steve Croft, business director at Oliver Products.

Oliver is also capable of coating a wide range of polymers to meet specific customer needs, giving them the ability to choose from polymers that are water soluble for flushable applications or chemically resistant for materials that stand up to the harshest cleaning chemicals.

By controlling the amount of coating and the depth of penetration into the nonwoven Oliver is able to increase its strength and durability. The DotCoat process can also be used in conjunction with laminations, creating materials that preserve the flexibility of the nonwoven. Oliver is currently adding to its 200 million square yards of coating capacity to allow greater choice and flexibility for its customers while continuing its longstanding tradition of excellent service.
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