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In bad faith; what's wrong with the opium of the people.


In bad faith; what's wrong with the opium of the people.

Levine, Andrew.

Prometheus Books

226 pages



Andrew Levine examines the persistence of faith in the inobvious and that which betrays the obvious. He doesn't do this all by himself though, but draws on the analytical and ironically spiritual resources of Ludwig Feuerbach, Emile Durkheime, Sigmund Freud and Friedrich Nietzsche. To them Levine turns for insight into the phenomena of "bad faith", and the potential and rationale for recovering anything from the "faith perspectives", which here are limited to the three Abrahamic religions. Against the backdrop of their Enlightenment critiques of religion, Levine more directly analyzes the liberal turn in religion and how it provides a way out of traditional theism's emotional and social grip. He also suggests that an appreciation of the faith perspectives and these critiques is relevant to the consciousness-raising project of the Left. Levine has taught philosophy at a number of State schools, has an interest in Marx, and is currently a scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington DC. This book is not indexed. (A[c] Book News, Inc., Portland, OR)

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Date:Jun 1, 2012
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