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In addition.

Japanese aggression against China took a strong leap forward. Before the end of July, the Japanese had taken Peiping and Tientsin, and by the end of the year they held all of north-eastern China.

On August 8, 1937, the Japanese attacked Shanghai again. On November 8, they took the city and drove up the Yangtse River. They took the Chinese capital of Nanking on December 13, 1937, sacking it with appalling cruelty and atrocity.

The Chinese government had to retreat far upriver to Chungking.

The Western powers continued to confine themselves to condemnation by words alone, which had no effect at all on the Japanese.

In Spain, the civil war continued bloodily with the Rebels making slow gains, thanks to major help from the Axis powers. On March 18, 1937, the Spanish Loyalists inflicted a crushing defeat on Italian troops who were helping the Rebels.

Stalin, meanwhile, virtually destroyed the Soviet army in his continuing purge.

The dirigible, which had been invented by Zeppelin thirty-seven years earlier, came to an end as a major aeronautic device in May 6, 1937, when the German dirigible Hindenburg, the largest ever built, exploded and burned at Lakehurst, New Jersey.

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