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In addition.

The quarrel over tariffs heated up in the United States. South Carolina, in particular, threatened to secede; that is, leave the Union.

On June 26, 1830, George IV of Great Britain died and was succeeded by his brother, who reigned as William IV (1765-1837).

In France the reactionary policies of Charles X alienated the nation and on July 29, 1830, he was deposed in the course of a Parisian insurrection.

Attempts to set up a republic again were defeated and Charles was succeeded by his fourth cousin, who reigned as Louis Philippe I (1773-1850).

The July Revolution in France inspired the Catholic population of Belgium to rise against the Protestant population of the Netherlands by which it had been dominated since the fall of Napoleon. On December 20, 1830, Belgium was recognized by the European powers as an independent nation under Leopold I (1790-1865), who began his rule in 1831.

A revolt against Russian domination also began in Poland.

Joseph Smith of New York (1805-1844) published The Book of Mormon in 1830, founding the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on April 6, 1830.

Members of the church came to be known, popularly, as Mormons.

Paintings of birds by the American artist John James Audubon (1785-1851) began to appear in 1830.

In 1830 the population of the United States was 12.9 million, about equal to that of Great Britain. The population of the world reached 1 billion.

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