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In addition.

In 751 Charles Martel's son Pepin III (714?-768) persuaded Pope Stephen II (who held the seat from 752 to 757) to declare him king of the Frankish realm.

In return, Pepin protected Stephen against the Lombards, a Germanic tribe that now controlled most of Italy, and in 755 gave the Pope a strip of land in central Italy to rule for himself. This was the Donation of Pepin, and it created the Papal States, which would endure for eleven centuries. King Pepin was the founder of the Carolingian line.

In 754 the Muslim Empire came under a new dynasty, the Abbasids, who were to rule in a new capital, Baghdad, to which they moved in 762. Under the Abassids, the Muslim Empire reached its peak.

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Title Annotation:events of 770 A.D.
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