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In active service for America's two great armies!


There's a job to be done, and America's two great armies, military and civilian, are going to see it through. To speed that job, Greyhound Super-Coach travel now lends itself wholeheartedly to the needs of a nation at war.

Too young to serve in '17, the motor bus industry is now a powerful and willing defense force. With its immense carrying power and great flexibility, it is putting America's highways to work for America -smoothing out bottlenecks, rounding out the entire transportation picture. It is saving materials vital to national war effort by carrying far more people per gallon of fuel, per pound of rubber or metal, than do private automobiles.

What's more, motor buses are actively in the war, carrying thousands of selectees to military centers --other thousands of soldiers engaged in vital military movements.

To the men in the fighting forces--Greyhound's nation-wide service makes possible reunions with relatives, sweethearts and friends, whenever leaves and furloughs can be granted. It means precious moments saved by the most direct highway routes between military centers and homes.

To that other army--the rest of America's millions, all-out to back their fighting men--motor bus travel has become a vital necessity. It gets defense workers to jobs at decentralized projects-- farmers to markets--teachers and students to school. It takes people of every occupation to their jobs and homes in thousands of communities served by no other public transportation. It brings bright interludes of scenic enjoyment and recreation, so important in days of national stress ... and all at travel cost within reach of every purse.

To both of these armies, Greyhound and the entire bus industry offer the extra edge of effort that America has every right to expect. Now every one of America's 55,000 motor buses has a new destination sign ... Victory for the U. S. A.!

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Publication:America in WWII
Date:Oct 1, 2008
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