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In This Together.

In This Together, video, 2001, 18 min., Media Partners Corporation (800-408-5657,, $895. Other material: leader guide, employee workbook (10 copies), opinion survey (50 copies), reminder cards. Online demo:

The promotional material for In This Together promises "an engaging look at harassment and respect." In this case, the marketing copy actually approaches reality.

The tape is engaging, and the content strikes a healthy balance between reciting the by now familiar rules about harassment and reminding us that the underlying issue here is respect. It takes an ethical approach to the issue rather than a legal or disciplinarian one (although the basic legal issues are covered).

In This Together is organized around a quiz. It does not pretend to have objectively correct answers to its questions. Some answers are just better than others. However, you aren't ever left in doubt about which answer is considered the best.

This video not only could be used for self-study; that may also be its best use. It doesn't utilize full vignettes. It gives broad-brush suggestions of situations as it rolls out questions. The answers are practical, but they don't dwell on the fine points or ambiguities. The employee handbook has a much larger set of harassment-related questions on the same seven topics explored in the video plus policies and procedures.

The leader guide has a brief and simple framework for delivering the video training. Most of it is taken up by guidelines and resource materials for certifying that harassment training has taken place and for investigating harassment complaints.


Brief, attractively produced, and modestly hip, this video tells employees the facts about harassment policies and policy-compliant workplace behavior in a palatable way. The quiz framework will also help viewers stay focused.

Bill Ellet ( is editor of Training Media Review.
In This Together star rating


Holds viewer interest Good
Acting/Presenting Good
Diversity Outstanding
Production quality Very good
Value of content Above average
Instructional value Above average
Value for the money Above average
Overall rating Above average
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Author:Ellet, Bill
Publication:Training Media Review
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Date:Mar 1, 2005
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