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Murphy's Law says that if it can go wrong, it will. This appeals to my black humor and my well-nurtured cynicism. Besides, it warns me against being too trusting or too smug. Just the same, it's a dangerous precept to follow if you e living with MS.

In this issue, we take up the matter of MS and vision. Optic neuritis (or ON) is a frequent first major symptom for many, many people who are ultimately diagnosed with MS. But for the majority of them, the news is pretty good. Optic neuritis symptoms go away and the person regains her/his previous level of vision. No one who's gone through a bout of ON needs to be reminded of the anxiety and pain, not to mention horrendous inconvenience, it brought to their lives for a few awful weeks.

If the little fear is a return bout of ON, then the much bigger fear is permanent loss--or some of the other damage MS can do to eyesight. Joyce Cohen, the lead author of our feature story, has had permanent loss, which can happen, although mostly it doesn't. She explores the issue from her personal knowledge and from her experience coping with what low vision means in daily life. She takes a nuts-and-bolts approach to adaptations and services that can make life with low vision a whole lot easier and more fun.

But the idea of vision loss remains very hard. If it nags at you, please reach out and talk to someone about it. You might start with your nurse, your self-help group, the staff at the Society chapter nearest you, a spiritual advisor, or a mental-health counselor. If you've been ignoring visual symptoms, please make an appointment for an exam!

We believe that you'll find the feature useful, even if you've never had any trouble with your eyes. Many of the tips Mrs. Cohen has assembled save energy or lower the stress of everyday living and who doesn't need to do that?

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is proud to be a source of information on multiple sclerosis. Our texts are based on professional advice, published experience, and expert opinion, but do not represent individual therapeutic recommendation or prescription. For specific information and advice, consult a qualified physician.
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Author:King, Martha
Publication:Inside MS
Date:Jan 1, 2001
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