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In The Past Five Years, the Total Number of Food Related Stores Developed By the Top 30 International Operators Have Increased By 23 Percent - European Convenience Stores Market Report (2006-2008).

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of European Convenience Stores Market Report [2006-2008] to their offering.

Asia and Central & Eastern Europe are continuing to redefine the world economy. The value of the European convenience store retailing market is estimated to be worth e1/4251bn, and has huge potential for growth. The retail sector is evolving fast in these regions as the middle classes expand and national and international operators invest in stores and supply chains. But the shifts in the world economy are not just geographical but societal: technology and information have changed everyday relationships, with consumers dictating increasingly what they spend on which products and how. Hence, convenience has become the key to European retail industry. This is driving the latent demand or potential industry earning for the convenience store industry.

In the past five years, the total number of food related stores developed by the top 30 international operators have increased by 23 percent. Co-operatives and convenience multiples have grown strongly, by 15 per cent and 18 per cent respectively, fuelled in part by store acquisitions.

However, European convenience retailing will have to exhibit a number of characteristics, including customer focus, a strong retail concept, scale, supply chain expertise and well-trained, motivated staff for strong growth of the market.

This report discusses the state of the Convenience store markets in European countries and the opportunities available for companies in this sector based on official statistics. The author has tried to answer Key questions like:

- What is the market size of the European retail store industry, with regional segregation?

- What are the demographic factors influencing the European consumer patter?

- What and where are the growth prospects and issues related to the industry?

- What are the factors driving growth in this sector?

- What are the technologies that can help convenience store markets to improve their operations?

- How these technologies are increasing operational efficiency in this industry?

- Who are the major players of European Convenience Industry, their presence and strategies being used by them to improve profitability?

The author has attempted to answer these questions, through the Industry Information Service on Convenience Store Market-Europe. This analysis and outlook of Convenience Store Market would serve as a key input for your business decisions and performance evaluation.

Report Highlights

- Convenience Store Market: Overview, market size and growth

- Growth trend of Convenience Store Market in different geographical segments.

- In-depth product wise analysis of sales trends in Convenience Store Market.

- Various technologies being used in the industry and its benefits.

- Profile of European Consumers

- Company Analysis of top 10 global retailers and their growth strategies

Report Features

The report gives an in-depth coverage of the European Convenience Stores Market. Chapter 2 talks about the global development of Convenience Stores whereas Chapter 3 gives industry overview, market size and growth of European C-Stores. Chapters 4 & 5 discuss region wise C-Store market in Europe and profiles of European consumers respectively. Chapters 6 & 7 cover product sales trends and technological trends of the C-Stores. Finally, chapter 8 covers the key players in the industry.

Content Outline:

1. Executive Summary

2. Development of Convenience Stores Worldwide

3. European C-Stores Industry Overview, Market Size and Growth

4. An Insight to European C-Stores Market, by Geographical Areas

5. Profile of European Consumers

6. Product Sales Trends at Convenience Stores

7. Technological Trends at Convenience Stores

8. Company Profiles

List of Tables

List of Figures

Companies Mentioned:

- Sears Holding Corporation

- Carrefour S.A.

- Tesco Plc

- BP Plc.

- Metro AG

- WM Morrison Supermarket Plc.

- 7-Eleven Inc.

- Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc.

- Casey's General Stores Inc.

- Esso UK Ltd.

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Date:Nov 7, 2006
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