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In Our Do'ers Profile, we highlight some of the hardworking and talented individuals in health and human services. This issue features Rodney Adams, Director of Mecklenburg County (NC) Department of Community Resources.

Name: Rodney Adams

Title: Director, Mecklenburg County Department of Community Resources

Years of Service: 31 years

Rewards of the Job:

* The opportunity to develop a pathway out of poverty for county residents

* To develop leadership to define and develop the future of health and human services

* To bridge systems and industry in a collective fashion to change the landscape of communities

* To instill hope and the opportunity for a successful future for youth through development of adults and the creation of supportive learning and employment opportunities

Accomplishments Most Proud Of:

* Development and implementation of the county's first Human Resource Center

* Opportunity to influence future leaders focused on continuity of service and leadership

* Ability to interact with, receive from, and influence national health and human services thought leaders by creating strategies and service orientations that can be replicated in communities nationwide

* Opportunity to change the vision and landscape of the delivery of human services programs and to implement a true collective impact service approach spanning across different systems and industries

Future Challenges for the Delivery of Public Human Services:

* Maintain innovation and creativity in developing collective systems operations in the midst of economic (a possible recession) and political challenges

* Address the changing technology landscape while identifying employment opportunities for those who have been replaced by technology advancements

* Address the complex challenges of the existing workforce to ensure appropriate mental health and well-being are maintained while staying focused on meeting work objectives

* Work with the education system to ensure the right skills development for students to enter the health and human services field without necessarily attaining a college degree

* Identify living wage job opportunities for the marginalized in our communities

* Work with federal and state partners to transform policy to better utilize regulatory funding to meet preventive and current needs

* Develop private-public funding streams

* Need greater collaboration between community-based and faith-based organizations in collectively serving people in poverty

Little Known Facts About Me:

* Used to be a disc jockey

* Was scouted by the New York Yankees

Outside Interests:

* Pastoral ministry

* Community service

* Sports

* Movies

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Author:Adams, Rodney
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Date:Dec 1, 2019
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