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In Memoriam.

- GRACE, April 8. year today. ( My heart is my world stood still, love you Gracie, I always I can't get over losing we had a love that was true, but still I cannot let go, and that's because I you so, so rest in peace beloved wife, I've lost my my guiding light.) - husband xx. - ROBERT. ( There a corner in our hearts you visit every day, it us this warm feeling you're never far away. and miss you so much.) Your son Paul, daughter in Mag's, grandchildren and Ellie xxxx.

BIRTLEY ROBERT JAMES April 8, 2008 One year today My wonderful husband I can't believe it's a year. My world fell the day I lost you. I you more than anyone as each day passes emptiness grows. The in my eyes I can wipe but the pain in my is here to stay. I said I love you forever and I - Your brokenhearted Eileen xxx. ( Say hello to ( Bow wow.) - Harvey First year away Dad, it's the saddest year of our Not a day goes by thoughts of you. We a v e s o m a n y h a p p y to cherish. Love miss you more than can say.) - Your o v i n g s o n s T o m m y , Andrew and Paul, a u g h t e r s i n l a w , and Families - JOSEPH, 8, 1st year away from ( To your resting place cannot travel, for we not where you lie, one we know, Mum is after you in Heaven she did all of her life on So, continue looking him Mum. Rest in - Sister Teresa, Dad, P a u l i n e , Chris, Mark and xxx.

BURKQUEST JOE April 8, 2008.

1 year today. Times pass and fade away, memories of your love will always stay. All my - Sylvia x. I have no - one to talk to you're a million miles but when I think of the we had, I suddenly feel I miss you every day.) - loving son John x. One year today Dad you slipped away, every I have is of you. I look are of you. We miss so much, I can't believe gone.) - Your loving Debbie and son - law Chris, grandchildren and Thomas x. I often sit alone at night all the world's asleep, I of the day when you me with tears on my h e e k , y o u l e f t m e and with memories too, but I want memories Dad, I wanted you.) - Your daughter Diana and and grandchildren and Holly x. - CATHERINE KITTY). April 8. 16 sad ( Treasured memories a dear wife, mother and In our hearts you will stay, loved and every day.) - husband Tommy xxx, your loving Family xxx..
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Article Type:Obituary
Date:Apr 8, 2009
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