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In Memoriam.

BILLINGTON - FREDDY, March 27. (It's 4 sad and lonely years, I've never asked for miracles, but today just one would do, to see our front door open wide and watch my Fred walk through.) - Your loving Wife Cathy xx.

CULSHAW DAVID HENRY March 27, 2011 1 year today (Wonderful husband, Dad and Grandad, you are loved and missed beyond words.) - Loving wife Mary, children and Grandchildren xxx.

HYLAND - JAMES, March 26, 2008. (Four years today Jimmy, the happy hours we once enjoyed and holidays in Benidorm, memories will never go away, but in our hearts you're always there beside us.) - Loving wife Eve xxx, Lynn x, Gary x, Alan x and Families xx.

KELLY GWYNNETH March 27 (We can't believe it's 8 years, Mum, since you were taken from us. We love and miss you Mum.) - Love all your Children and Grandchildren.

LEE - MARGARET MARY, March 27, 2011. One year ago today. (Everyday I see your face, hear your voice, talk to you because I know you're near, yet every day I miss you so much Mum x.) - Loving daughter Sandra, Stephen, Lauren, Stevie, John and your little Angel Lyla xxxxxx.

MAY ELSIE 1 Year Today (Quietly today Els, your memory we treasure, loving you always forgetting you never.) - Sisters Barbara, Jacqueline and Families.

McCORMICK - HARRIET, March 27. (Thoughts go back to happy days when we were all together, the family chain is broken now, but memories live forever. We all love and miss you Mam.) - Your broken hearted daughter Anne, John and Grandchildren John, Tony, David and Angela xxxx. PARRY - PAT. 2 years today. (Each day I think about you Pat and realise that you have gone, I can't explain the emptiness that life has now become, they say that time's a healer but I am not too sure, for every time I think of you, I miss you more and more. St. Francis of Assisi pray for her.) - Loving husband Nan xxx PHILBIN BARRY March 27, One year today. (Every day Baz I wake and for a fleeting moment I think you're still here as you were gone from my life so very suddenly. Ever since you went away the days go slowly by and I miss you desperately. To lose you was unbearable but the hardest thing to cope with is not knowing why, that I don't understand. I will always love and miss you.) Linda x x x x. (Dad, I carry your lovely face in my heart now and forever.

I love and miss you.) Luan, Blue and Moony x x x x.

SINGLETON - PETER. (Each day we think of you Peter with hearts and eyes that fill, we can't explain the emptiness that life has now become. They say that time's a healer, but we are not too sure for every time we think of you, our dear friend, we miss you more and more. Peter, you are something inside so strong. Love and miss you.) - Stephen, Tracy, Shannon, Stephen Jr. and Charley xxxxx. SINGLETON - PETER. March 27. (Sitting here all alone just wishing my Peter could come home, this pain in my heart no one can touch I miss you Peter so very much.) - Your devastated Mum (Give your dad a kiss from all of us for today, his birthday.) (When I wake each morning I look to Heaven above, I whisper that I miss you and send you all my love.) - Your son Connor SINGLETON - PETER. March 27. (A brother is a special gift one you think will stay, I never thought that day would come when they took you away. Miss you so much mate.) - Your devastated brother John SINGLETON - PETER. March 27. (I speak your name I mention you often, God Bless you Peter, you are never forgotten. Miss you still.) - Grandad George SINGLETON - PETER. March 27. (Memories don't fade just because you are not here, I just hold them more tightly and cherish them more dear.) - Your devastated sister Gina and nieces Paige and Jamie-Lea TO PLACE A FAMILY ANNOUNCEMENT IN THE LIVERPOOL ECHO? Telephone: 0151 227 3691 Alternatively, you can book online: www.liverpoolecho. .Calls may be monitored for training purposes.
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
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Date:Mar 27, 2012
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