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In Memoriam.

BURKE -REBECCA, April 11, 1990. (Twenty years without you Mum, but forever in our hearts. God Bless.) -All your loving family xxxx CORKILL JOHN There will always be memories.

Take some time to pray. If tears could build a stairway, I would walk to Heaven and bring you back. 2 years have passed. Always be missed John -Loving Sister Lilly FEARON -JIMMY (FERNS), April 8. (15 years. If we could turn back the hands of time Dad). -Love Rose. G A R D N E R -NADINE SANDRA, B.Ed. (HONS). April 10, 2008. (My darling Nadine, so sadly missed each day and forever in my thoughts.) -Love always, Colin x. GIBSON -MARGARET, April 9, 2003. (7 long years, miss you loads, will never forget you, love you forever.) -Bobby x.

HARRIS -JO, April 10, 2008. (Memories are lovely things they last the longest day, they can never be spent, never be lent and never taken away. Our memories of you Jo are so very special, thoughts of you Jo come everyday, they make us smile, they bring a tear and always a wish that you were here. Butterfly kisses Manna Moo.) -Love, Uncle Sam, Auntie Viv and Family xx KENYON EAMONN April 10, 1997 (Deep in our hearts you are fondly remembered, fond l o v i n g memories c l i n g around your name, true hearts that loved you with deepest affection always will love you in death just the same. Our hearts still ache f o r y o u o u r b e l o v e d Eamonn.) -Everloving Mum xx.

(Time goes by and life goes on but from our thoughts you are never gone.) -Sadly missed by your Sister Maura xx.

KENYON -EAMONN. April 10. 13 years today. (Sweet is your memory, precious your name, deep in our hearts you'll always remain.) -Paul, Helen, Sian, Georgie, and Tom xxx.

KENYON EAMONN April 10 (Forever in our hearts. We still miss you Eamonn.) -Love John, Lyn, and Mark. (We miss you Eamonn. Until we meet again, lots of love.) -Jacki.

ORME -MICHAEL, April 11. Two Sad Years Tomorrow. (N o t o n e d a y p a s s e s Michael, that we don't think of you, our broken hearts will never heal, but your memory pulls us through. Love and miss you every day.) -Mum, Dad and all the Family xxx.

R O C H E -MARGARET (R I T A ) , 1 year t o d a y. (Missing you more than e v e r , Mum. L o v e y o u millions.) -Janice, Giles and Family xxx.

R O C H E -MARGARET (RITA), April 10. (Not a day goes by when I don't think of you and smile for the good times.) -Love husband Olly, son Christopher and Grandchildren. R O C H E -MARGARET (RITA), April 10. (A year since you've gone Mum. Thinking of you every day. Love and miss you.) -Daughter Lynne, Gordon and Grandchildren. R O C H E -MARGARET (RITA). (Miss you Mum, more every day. Love you millions.) -Love Collette, John and Family xxx.

SEDDON -LAURA JAYNE, April 11, 2002. (My lovely little granddaughter Laura. May the winds of love blow softly from me to you, until we meet again, Lau.) -Your loving Nan Halewood xx. SEDDON -LAURA JAYNE, April 11, 2002. (Forever in our hearts.) -Love Uncle Mark, Tracy, Holly, Paige and Tom xxx.

SEDDON -LAURA JAYNE, April 11, 2002. Tragically, aged 12 years. (Our lovely little Lau Lau, loved and longed for always.) -Loving godmother Auntie Sue and Uncle Peter Judic xx.

SEDDON -LAURA JAYNE, April 11, 2002. (Eight years have passed by: miss and think of you every day.) -Love Uncle Ray xx.

SEDDON -LAURA JAYNE. April 11, 2002. (Eight years without you Laura, but the pain of that night will live with us all forever. Never forgotten. Love you always, our brown eyed girl.) -Auntie Jayne and uncle Tam xx.

SEDDON -LAURA JAYNE. April 11, 2002. (Just a tribute small and tender, to my sister Laura, who I will always remember. Miss you like crazy.) -Robbie and Niece Sophia x. SEDDON -LAURA JAYNE. April 11th, 2002. (Think of you every day Lau, not just today. Love you forever.) -Sister Sue and Michael x.

SEDDON -LAURA JAYNE. April 11. (Eight years gone by without you Lau. Miss you more every day. Love you always.) -Forever brokenhearted auntie Deb, uncle Lol and Deb, Lol and Becky xxx.

SEDDON LAURA JAYNE APRIL 11 8 Years Today The heartache and pain never goes away.

Miss you 24/7 Love you forever Mum and Dad xx SINGLETON -MICHAEL.

(Well lad, another year has gone. Still badly missed lad. Take care of Me Mam mate.) -Love, Jim, Maria, James, Danny and Paddy. (Shine on you crazy diamond.) SINGLETON -MICHAEL. Six long years today. (Mike, as long I have memories, as long as I have tears, you'll never be forgotten Mike, not in a million years. Give your nana a big hug for me. Love you both always.) -Grandad Pim x x x x x.

SINGLETON MICHAEL April 11th (S m i l e s c a n h i d e o ur heartache, tears can be wiped away, but the pain of losing you Michael, will never go away.) -Love Dad, Ruth and Family xxxx.

S M A R T -DOROTHY (NANCY) (N [sup.3] ee HARDAKER). (In the blink of an eye, a year has gone by. Still can't believe you're not here, but the memories you've left us with will be with us year after year. All our love for ever, our precious, brave angel.) -Devoted husband Ernie, children William, Diane and Sarah and grandchildren Daniel, Connor, Louis and Calla xx. SWEENEY -THOMAS. (4 long years without you Tommy. We love and miss you so much.) -Love, Betty x x. SWEENEY -TOMMY. (A true friend. Never far from my mind.) -Terry Churchill.

W I L L I A M S -J O H N. (Another year has passed John, always in our thoughts and hearts.) -Love Tom, Dominique, Isabella and Sonny xxxx.

WRIGHT -WILLIAM JOHN, 1 h e a r t b r e a k i n g y e a r tomorrow. (Sad is my heart that loves you, silent tears still flow, the love I have for you in life, in absence grows stronger still. Let the wind of love blow softly, and whisper for you to hear I love and miss you so much, Bill. I wish that you were still here.) -Your loving wife Marj xxxx.

WRIGHT -WILLIAM JOHN (BILLY), 1 year tomorrow. (Special memories of our Loving Dad and Grandad. A year has passed us by, we still can't believe it's true. We would give anything in the world to share our lives again with you. Love and miss you, Dad.) -David, Debbie, Claire, In Laws; Jayne, Gary, John and all your Loving Grandchildren xxx
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Date:Apr 10, 2010
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