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In Memoriam: Kenneth Kavale.

Kenneth A. Kavale, a leading figure in the field of learning disabilities, died December 13, 2008, in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Ken was a prolific contributor to the Learning Disability Quarterly and a highly valued consulting editor. He was most recently a distinguished professor at Regent University, immediately prior to which he was a professor at the University of Iowa. He also taught at the Universities of Georgia, Colorado, and California at Riverside.

Ken is best known to the profession for his pioneering efforts to bring meta-analytic research to education and for his staunch, even dogged, demand for high scientific standards in learning disabilities research and practice. He was the founding editor of Learning Disabilities Research, now Learning Disabilities Research & Practice. He was the author of numerous books, research articles, and scholarly reviews of special education policy and practice. As his co-authored contribution to this edition of the LDQ reflects, he was passionate about learning disabilities and unflinching in sharing his expertise. He often opined that there is not enough conversation on vital issues to our field; we are fortunate that he has left us with so many talking points.

--David Scanlon, Editor with appreciation to John Lloyd for contributing information.

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Author:Scanlon, David
Publication:Learning Disability Quarterly
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Date:Jan 1, 2009
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