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In February.

In February, Peter Gammons, sports-writing legend, visited the Harpoon Brewery to raise money for the Jimmy Fund. In photo above, (left to right Rich Doyle (Harpoon CEO). Peter Gammons, and Charlie Storey. Harpoon SVP of Marketing. Gammons came to the Harpoon Brewery for a special appearance to talk baseball and drink beer. Fifty people were able to spend two hours trying to stump the baseball trivia guru (to no avail), and enjoy some fresh beer. All of the money raised on the evening of the event went to the Jimmy Fund. Doyle said this marked the first-year that Harpoon has been a part of the Hot Stove Cool Music concert, which benefits the Jimmy Fund "All of us at the Harpoon Brewery are very pleased to be a part of Hot Stove Cool Music," Rich Doyle, Harpoon co-founder and CEO commented. "We are proud to support such a wonderful cause, the Jimmy Fund, through bringing together three of Boston's a great passions--baseball, music, and beer."
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Title Annotation:Weekly Specialty & Import Beer Report; Peter Gammons, sports-writing legend, visited the Harpoon Brewery
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
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Date:Mar 22, 2004
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