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Imrana Offers New Ideas.

Imrana Maqsood's latest book Subha Ka Naashta Shaam Ki Chai was launched in Karachi recently.

Her husband Anwar Maqsood Anwar made the opening remarks. Asif Noorani, former Test cricketer Salahuddin Sallu and former federal minister Javed Jabbar also spoke on the occasion. Imrana Maqsood thanked the audience and hoped that her book will help people improve their cooking. The book has pictures of delicious breakfast, brunch and high tea ideas.

Subha Ka Naashta, Shaam Ki Chai is the kind of book that is normally not found in cookery book collections. It is handy book because it addresses a need in every home that cookery books have not addressed so far.

Among her 20 books, Imrana Maqsood has also written Uljhay Suljhay Anwar, which was based on the 'adventures' of her husband Anwar Maqsood.

While it has become customary for most people to restrict the morning breakfast to bare essentials either on the basis of dietary restrictions or because there is no time for them to have a hearty morning meal, the question of a good breakfast looms large in the mind of every housewife and she always endeavours to make the breakfast table as interesting and appealing for the family as possible.

The best part about Imrana's book is that it offers nashta (breakfast) for every budget, every taste and every whim. The nashta ideas are not just about stuffing one's body, but eating intelligently to provide the body all the essential nutrients.

Evening tea also becomes quite a hassle in every household. Though not such an important event of the day, at least in this part of the world, a simple chai ki piali (cup of tea) just does do not do the trick. Evening tea may be a more formal ritual in other parts of the world, like England, but it does have a place in one's daily life. The time between lunch and dinner is rather long and an interesting shaam ki chai (evening tea) makes up for the lost energy. So keep Imrana Maqsood's Subha Ka Naashta, Shaam Ki Chai handy and you won't have any problems.

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Date:Jan 31, 2019
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