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Improving your working environment.

AS the 21st century forges ahead with ground-breaking developments and technological advances, the world is reliant upon a strong and capable workforce to feed this movement.

In order to generate the highest quality output and optimum efficiency, businesses are increasingly examining the impacts of workplace ergonomics on their employees.

One of the crucial elements sitting at the heart of an employee's ability to operate effectively, is a pleasant working environment.

Recent external research undertaken by PHS Group identified that 83% of facilities sector workers reported an unpleasant smelling washroom as having a profoundly negative impact on their workplace.

With this in mind, businesses are now looking for new ways to address bad odours and increase staff motivation, in addition to taking a more environmentally conscious approach to workplace satisfaction.

PHS Washrooms, part of the PHS Group, recently unveiled its revolutionary Airscent Atom in a move which aims to improve the workplace environment and introduce businesses to a more environmentally-effective fragrancing solution.

Developed using innovative Piezo technology, the Airscent Atom provides a highly effective, longer lasting, dispersion of fragrance and has the ability to help neutralise bad smells rather than just masking them.

The first of its kind in the UK, the dispenser offers improved environmental performance due to its lack of aerosols and propellants, instead using pure fragrance oils.

The Piezo technology uses high frequency resonating plates, which force the pure fragrance oil through microscopic holes in the Piezo plates, resulting in a fine mist comprised of tiny atomised molecules.

Unlike the Airscent Atom, many fragrance solutions are unable to combat washroom odour effectively because the scent disappears within minutes of being dispensed.

In some cases, they are simply not able to hide persistent odours.

However, the Airscent Atom and its wide variety of available scents are even effective at very low concentrations, creating a lasting impression in washrooms and throughout the workplace.

In fact, research has shown that pleasant scents can help to enhance wellbeing, reduce stress and boost productivity.

Philip Hudson, head of product proposition marketing, said: "We are dedicated to being an organisation that carefully considers the environmental impact of our services and the Airscent Atom is one example of how we are committed to offering customers more sustainable products.

"We hope that the Airscent Atom is the first step in a movement by the workplace services sector to raise the bar on sustainability."

For more information on the Airscent Atom, exclusively available from PHS Washrooms, visit:


The Airscent Atom aims to introduce businesses to a more environmentally- <B effective fragrancing solution

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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Aug 18, 2015
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