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Improving the safety and Quality of Eggs and Egg Products Volume 2.

Volume two focuses on egg safety and nutritional quality. Microbiology and safety of table eggs 2. Eoodborne disease associated with eggs: microbial hazards and salmonella enteritidis risk assessment 3. Internal contamination by salmonella enteritidis 4. Chemical residues and contaminants in eggs 5. Detection and monitoring of salmonella in laying hen flocks 6. Epidemiology of salmonella infections in laying hens with special emphasis on the influence of the housing system 7. Pre-harvest measures to control salmonella in laying hens 8. Management and sanitation procedures to control salmonella in laying hen flocks 9. Egg decontamination by washing 10. Alternative egg decontamination techniques to washing 11. The nutritional quality of eggs 12. Eggs, dietary cholesterol and disease: facts and folklore 13. Egg allergy 14. Modifying egg lipids for human health 15. Egg enrichment with vitamins and trace minerals 16. Bioactive fractions of eggs for human and animal health 17. Using egg IgY antibodies for health, diagnostic and other industrial applications 18. Strategic planning for the development of the egg nutritional industry.


edited by Yves Nys, Maureen Bain and Filip Van Immerseel

Hardback 464 pages

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Comment:Improving the safety and Quality of Eggs and Egg Products Volume 2.
Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Aug 1, 2011
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