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Improves yield, throughout & quality.

The YieldPlus[TM] De-Bone Yield Management System brings together advanced product distribution and data collection systems with the yield improving and labor saving technologies of Whizard[R] trimmers. Thighs are automatically distributed and tracked, allowing processors to hold their employees accountable for individual performance n the areas of yield, productivity and quality. With me system in place thigh meat yields are typically improved by 2% to 4% and throughput can increase as much as 50%. Boneless thigh meat quality is greatly improved by eliminating the breakage of cone prevalent with mechanical thigh deboners.

Vendor: Gainco Inc.; 770-534-0703

Product: Yield Management System

Key Feature: RF transmission of data

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Title Annotation:Processing Technology Systems
Publication:Food Manufacturing
Date:Jan 1, 2006
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