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Improvenment of clinical features in CRPS after mud therapy.

Keywords: Sapropelic Mud; Epidemiological Analysis; Questionnaire

Introduction and Objectives

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a disorder of the extremities that is characterized by pain, swelling, limited range of motion, vasomotor instability, trophyc skin changes, and patchy bone demineralization. Alternative names for CRPS in the literature include reflex sympathetic dystrophy, algodystrophy, causalgia, Sudeck\'s atrophy. Two types of CRPS have been recognized:

--type I corresponds to patients with CRPS without a definable nerve lesion and represents about 90% of clinical presentations;

--type II was formerly termed causalgia and refers to cases where a definable nerve lesion is present.

OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to assess the incidence of specific clinical features in CRPS I (pain, edema, loss of function, skin temperature), and to evaluate the benefits of complex treatment,

Materials and Methods


1. sapropelic mud, mineral water from Techirghiol Lake, all facilities for treatment of the sanatorium;

2. visual analog scale for pain, centimeter, goniometer, thermograph;.

METHODS: Study batch was composed of 35 patients with posttraumatic CRPS I of upper and lower limbs (10 located at upper limb, 25 located at lower limb). Pain was assessed using visual analogue scale (VAS). Circumference of the affected limb (sign of edema) was measured by centimeter. Range of motion was evaluated using goniometer. Skin temperature was measured with an infrared camera. All the parameters were evaluated before the beginning of treatment and to the end of balneal cure (12 days or 18 days).

Complex treatment consists in thermotherapy (mud bath at 380 C for 20 minutes), electrotherapy (reflex, resorbtive, analgesic), massage and kinethotherapy (in the gym room and in swimming pool with salt water of Techirghiol Lake).


* pain perception, edema, skin temperature decreased statistically significant (p<0.05),

* range of motion increased.


1. correct diagnose of CRPS using clinical characteristics measured in this paperwork allow to apply peloidotherapy in patients with CRPS I

2. at the end of balneal cure we obtained the diminution of specific clinical features of CRPS

3. mud therapy is efficient in alleviate the symptoms of CRPS.

Demirgian S (1), Surdu O (12), Marin V (1), Profir D (1)

(1)Balneal and Rehabilitation SanatoriumTechirghiol. Romania

(2)Department of Rehabilitation, Faculty of Medicine. University Ovidius Constanta. Romania

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Title Annotation:Scientific Sessions: New Trends 2--Session 06; texto en ingles
Author:Demirgian, S.; Surdu, O.; Marin, V.; Profir, D.
Publication:Anales de Hidrologia Medica
Date:Dec 1, 2012
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