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Improved services, new programs paint healthy picture for AFS.

The generally good trends in business conditions for the foundry industry are being reflected in the overall health of the American Foundrymen's Society, according to 1989-90 AFS president Alvin Singleton. This, together with the development of some major new programs, is setting the stage for AFS to continue improving its current services and to offer new ones to its membership. The s of CASTEXPO '90 and the 94th AFS Casting Congress was a reflection of the overall improving picture for the Society, according to Singleton.

Singleton, whose term as AFS president ended with the Detroit Casting Congress, presented a healthy picture of the AFS National organization during the AFS President's Luncheon and Annual Business Meeting. In recapping the year's events that contributed to the Society's solid performance during the l989-90 fiscal period, Singleton pointed to several AFS departments.

* Membership continued its steady growth throughout the year, surpassing l4,000 in total membership for the first time in several years.

* modern casting, through improved advertising sales, continues to contribute to the Society's overall financial stability.

* L.B. Knight Environmental Laboratory is meeting growing industry demands for its services as a result of increasingly stringent government regulations.

* Casting Technology Communications, the Society's book publishing arm, improved its performance through the introduction of several new publications and the development of the international market for metalcasting books.

* AFSoftware is showing slow, steady growth with the updating of existing software and development of new, practical programs for foundries.

Singleton also offered special gratitude to the more than 800 industry volunteers who serve on AFS technical committees. "It is through their efforts that several new publications have been developed, and conferences and seminars organized throughout the past year." The committees' introduction and monitoring of research projects also has gone a long way in keeping AFS as the top technical metalcasting organization in the world, Singleton noted, while offering special thanks to the companies of these volunteers who support their efforts.

One area of AFS activity that has been particularly active during the past year is that of research. With the appointment of a full-time research director two years ago, AFS has committed itself to foundry research for the long haul, according to Singleton. "We are committed to developing the means to fund more and more research, "he said, pointing to dozens of projects already underway and others which are under development.

Singleton also noted a bill currently pending before the U.S. House and Senate that would create at least three metalcasting centers throughout the United States. "Along with other industry organizations, working together as a coalition, these bills will provide matching dollars for practical foundry research. The research centers wi 11 go a long way in keeping American foundries competitive and on the leading edge of international technology."

Another major push during the past year was the development of the Cast Metals Institute's Campaign for the Future, a program aimed at establishing a $5 million fund that will assure future educational programs for the industry Singleton reported that "In October of 1989 we moved the Campaign into its final stage, and close to $1 million has been received since then." With pledges totaling more than $4 million, Singleton said, "There is no doubt that with this kind of support we will reach our goal of $5 million.

"We thank every individual and every company that has so generously committed to the Campaign. You can all be proud of your role in ensuring the industry will continue to have the Cast Metals Institute to develop and educate the foundrymen of the future. An accomplishment of this nature can only happen through the hard work and dedication of individuals who believe in the ideals and objectives of the program."

In concluding his address, Singleton added a personal note: "As I travelled across North America this past year, I spoke about our industry people and the need to educate and continue to educate them. 1, along with many others, believe that AFS and CMI are two of the greatest untapped resources available to our industry. Together we have taken the steps to ensure that these resources will be available to the foundrymen of the future. Those of you in the industry today should most certainly grasp the opportunity to avail yourself of the benefits provided by the American Foundrymen's Society.

"This year, as president of your Society, has been extremely rewarding for me, personally. it has been an experience that I have enjoyed and have learned from. It has shown me the deep dedication to our industry and our Society by a great many people. Thanks for the opportunity to serve you."
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Date:Jun 1, 1990
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