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Improved physical training uniform sized for both sexes.

The new physical training uniform incorporates many improvements over the current uniform, including providing a better fit for both sexes.

"We have received much feedback from the field," said Maj. Eric Habersberger, deputy chief of the Air Force Uniform Office at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. "We have made a strong effort to meet needs and ensure our Airmen have a comfortable, durable and well-fitting uniform. Sizing is aligned closer to commercial, off-the-shelf sizing, unlike the current PTU."

To accommodate both men and women, new sizes of PTU shorts range from X-small to XX-large. They are made in a boxer style out of 100 percent polyester with a full-fitting anti-odor treated liner. The trunk inseam has been lengthened approximately one inch, and side seam pockets have been added with closures. The waist elastic has been relaxed and also fitted with a barrel-lock drawstring for adjustable comfort.

The T-shirt is now available in a 100 percent polyester long sleeve and poly/cotton blend short sleeve. Both shirts contain a moisture management system that disperses moisture. The new polyester/cotton T-shirt also includes an anti-odor coating.

The running suit now has a "loose fit" for both men and women that allows more comfort and flexibility, while avoiding a baggy appearance. Both the pants and jacket contain a white 100 percent polyester mini-mesh anti-odor liner that disperses moisture and minimizes odor.

Sizes now available for the running pants range from XX-small to XX large, with different lengths available in X-short, short, regular, long and X-long for each size. The pants retain an elastic waistband that is relaxed for a comfortable fit with a barrel lock waist drawstring for adjustable tension. Pant pockets now have a Velcro closure. Each pant leg has a more relaxed elastic band and side zipper at the ankle to make it easier to dress over shoes.

The running jacket is available in sizes from XX-small to XX-large, with length variants of X-short, short, regular and long for each size. The hood has been removed as well as the arm vents, due to the breathability of the fabric. The two-inch reflective "V" has been upgraded to aid in greater visibility.

According to AFUO officials, by following label care instructions, each uniform item is designed to retain its moisture management and reflectivity capabilities when laundered at home.

Availability of the new physical training uniform is based on several factors, including duty location. Shipments to deployed locations will take priority, followed by Pacific and European theaters. Worldwide rollout of the trunks through the Army and Air Force Exchange Service was scheduled to take place in late August, while the running suit was supposed to be available sometime in late September. The T-shirt release date is still to be determined. According to AAFES officials, the uniform will be in short supply at first. But once all military clothing stores have received shipments, the uniform will be available via Internet purchase worldwide--probably in October.

Airmen in basic military training are receiving the current physical training uniform, not the improved version.

For locations receiving Air Force clothing from Army stores, availability is limited. However, improved PT uniforms will be available through special order at the servicing military clothing store.

For questions regarding any uniform item, visit the Air Force uniform website at (Brad Jessmer, Air Force Uniform Office, Wright-Patterson AFB)
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Date:Oct 1, 2010
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